Granting administrator permissions


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Grant permissions to administrators

Compensation Home

When the administrator has been given full Compensation permissions, all the tools necessary in managing the SAP SuccessFactors Compensation solution will be available in Compensation Home.

Compensation Home Navigation

Plans: List of all active Compensation, Variable Pay, and Total Compensation templates.

You can export the XML for the template versions which shows the details of the template versions including the and information. You can then use the link to download the desired version of the template.

The administrator has the ability to utilize the following:

  • Set up a New Plan
    • Allows for uploading pre-configured and leading practices templates instead of using the clone/copy feature.
  • Data for All Plans
    • Tools for creating/importing plan-specific information such as pay matrix and currency conversion table.
  • Monitor Compensation Jobs
    • Tool which displays the status report of job imports/processes.
  • Reporting
    • Reporting tools specific to Compensation. Ad Hoc, Online Report Designer, and other reports can still be accessed in the main reporting tool.
  • Reward and Recognition
    • This will redirect users to the Reward and Recognition administration interface to manage spot award programs.

Plan Setup, Manage Worksheets, and Complete Compensation Cycle

Plan Setup: This section contains the main settings and configuration for individual plans.

  • Plan Settings: Plan information, route map, Employee Central settings, and number format
  • Design Worksheet: Form column design, plan instructions, Executive Review filters
  • Plan Details: Eligibility rules, Guidelines, Budget and Rating Sources
  • Manage Users: Hierarchy method

Manage Worksheets: Check tool, launching/deleting and updating compensation plans.

Complete Compensation Cycle: Tools to generate compensation statements, publishing Compensation to Employee Central.

Actions for All Plans

Settings that will affect all plans:

  • Import/Export Data: Download/upload of the user data file and all compensation tables.
  • Manage Statement Template: Add/Import statement template from SuccessStore.
  • Group Assignments: Creating dynamic and static groups.
  • Compensation Profile: Adding history data.
  • Company Settings: Additional company-wide settings.

Grant Permissions

Business Example

You are to prepare an instance for compensation planning. Enable necessary upgrades and give appropriate permissions to Compensation administrators.


  1. Enable recommended upgrades from Upgrade Center.

    1. Navigate to Admin CenterUpgrade Center.

    2. From the recommended list, upgrade the following:

      • Reward and Recognition
      • Intelligent Services
      • Compensation and Variable Pay Role-based Permissions Upgrade
  2. Grant complete permissions to administrators.

    1. Enter Manage Permission Roles in Action Search.

    2. Select System Admin from the list of roles.

    3. Navigate to PermissionsAdministrator PermissionsManage Compensation & Variable PaySelect All.

    4. Go to Administrator PermissionsManage CompensationSelect All.

    5. Go to User PermissionsCompensation and Variable PaySelect All.

    6. Select Done.

    7. Save changes.

    8. Log out of the instance.

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