Setting up Employee Central Promotion


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Set up Employee Central Promotion.

Employee Central Promotion

Promotion planning in Employee Central-integrated plans is a little different. First, it requires a separate enablement and permission. To enable promotions, navigate to Actions for AllPlansCompany SettingsEnable Compensation-EC promotion integration. Role-based permissions are set under User PermissionsEmployee Central-Compensation Integration. Secondly, it uses the Job Information screen for promotion planning. When event and event reason derivation is not enabled in Employee Central, planners are required to select the appropriate event and event reason.

The EC Promotion category is used to map the promotion related fields in the Compensation plan. You can map custom fields of a specific type to the EC Promotion component along with the standard job fields: Final Job Family, Final Job Role, Final Job Code, and Final Pay Grade.

Job Family, Job Role, Job Code, Pay grade, Final Job Family, Final Job Role, Final Job Code, and Final Pay Grade job fields should be included in the template along with job selector.

Criteria to set custom fields to the EC Promotion category includes:

  • Reloadable and Read-Only should be set to true for promotion custom fields.
  • Promotion custom fields cannot be used as pay matrix attribute.
  • Promotion custom fields cannot be used as base custom fields in budget calculation.
  • Promotion custom fields cannot be used as custom criteria in comp-formula.

You can define a finalAttribute field that the system uses when calculating the final pay range. This field allows you to avoid the issue of miscalculated post-promotion pay ranges in Employee Central-enabled compensation templates, caused when the system continues to erroneously use pre-promotion classification and pay grade information.

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<comp-pay-matrix useAnnualPayRange="true" > <comp-pay-matrix-effective-date>2020-02-25</comp-pay-matrix-effective-date> <comp-pay-matrix-attribute finalAttribute="customJobCode">customJobCode</comp-pay-matrix-attribute> <comp-pay-matrix-attribute finalAttribute="">customJobLevel</comp- pay-matrix-attribute> </comp-pay-matrix>

Previously, the system calculated pay range on the basis of pre-promotion information instead of post-promotion information, we assumed that only the paygrade property changed for the purposes of matching to new pay ranges.

To enable promotion planning from the Compensation Home interface, navigate to Plan SetupSettingsDisplay Settings, and then select the Enable Promotion Planning checkbox.

When checked, the system sets the following attributes to true: includeJobSelector, includeJobFamily, includeJobRole, includeJobCode, includeFinalJobFamily, includeFinalJobRole, includeFinalJobCode, includePayGrade, and includeFinalPayGrade.

Through the Compensation Home interface, you may also define the XMLfinalAttribute field. This allows you to bypass the need to update the XML and import.

Navigate to Compensation HomePlan SetupSettingsCalculation Settings section of the template to configure.

Sample Field Mappings for Promotions

COMP Field nameReloadableRead OnlyColumnIdEC categoryEC Field
Job FamilyTRUETRUEJobFamilyJob InformationDivision
Job RoleTRUETRUEJobRoleJob InformationJob Classification, Job Function
Job CodeTRUETRUEJobCodeJob InformationJob Classification, Job Code
Pay GradeTRUETRUEPayGradeJob InformationPay Grade
Final Job FamilyTRUETRUEfinalJobFamilyEC PromotionDivision
Final Job RoleTRUETRUEfinalJobRoleJob InformationJob Classification, Job Function
Final Job CodeTRUETRUEfinalJobCodeJob InformationJob Classification, Job Code
Final Pay GradeTRUETRUEfinalPayGradeJob InformationPay Grade

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