Using the Stock Sheet


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Recommend available incentive programs to individual employees

Stock Sheets

Stock planning within SAP SuccessFactors is a consolidated process whereby compensation planners recommend stock (Long Term Incentive (LTI) awards, options, Restricted Stock Units, PCAs, and so on) to individual employees. The system facilitates a targeted planning process by providing guidelines to make use of what may sometimes be a limited available budget.

The Employee Information section is on the far left and cannot be rearranged.

  • Contains the same links as on the other sheets:

    • More information

    • Open Profile

    • Add notes

  • Ratings can be pulled in from a Performance Management form.

The Stock tab includes the following components: Stock, Option, StockOther1, StockOther2, StockOther3.

Options are part of a long-term reward strategy, and represent an offer to purchase shares of stock at a certain price, at a future date in time. Others can be used in any LTI reward programs by the company.

  • Guidelines display the min-max amount the planners are bound to. The amounts are configured based on different criteria, most commonly on grade and country.

  • Recommendation is an entry field for the planner.

  • Some companies plan in "value" rather than "units" – this can be accomplished using a custom field.

  • Prorating does not work in the Stock tab.

  • Budgets are usually the sum of the default guideline, with value derived from country, grade, and so on.

Stock Sheet and the User Data File

A less-used option is the ability to add the stock allocation numbers directly in the user data file and import them into the system. In order to do this, the following fields need to be added:







These fields can be referenced as import key and displayed on the form accordingly.

Stock Sheet and Custom Fields

Custom fields can be added to the right side of the screen.

  • In this example, the custom fields are used as historical reference:

    • 2010 Options

    • 2010 RSUs

  • Custom fields can be added from the Design Worksheet.

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