Setting Up the Form Template


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Identify the methods of uploading and updating Performance Management templates.

The Performance Management Template

The template you start with already has some basic features configured. You can modify these features according to the needs of the customer. Because the template is coded in XML, you can choose to modify it in a text editor, or, preferably, in an XML editor. You can also perform many modifications directly in provisioning, avoiding the need to upload new versions of the XML.

Performance management templates are available in the SuccessStore. You can access these templates and add them to the Instance in the same way as goal plan templates.

Methods of Creating Performance Management Templates

Watch this video to learn three different ways to create a performance management template

Form Template Configuration

You can make many different configurations with your performance management templates.

Watch this video to learn how the performance management template can be configured.


It is important to remember to frequently validate your XML with the DTD file and save new versions.

Set up a new Performance Form Template

Business Example

Your client asks you to set up a new form template in their instance to start preparing the upcoming performance review cycle. You will have the chance to configure it in later exercises.

Learn how to set up a new performance form template, associate it to a route map, set a rating scale at the form level and link the goal section to a Goal Plan.


  1. Set up a new Performance Form template from Manage Templates. Name the form:[Your Initials] Performance Review.

    You will need to rename the existing template available in your Instance, and select a Route Map, a Rating Scale and a Goal Plan before you can create a form.

    1. Navigate to Manage Templates using Action Search.

    2. Select the Performance Review tab.

    3. Locate the existing Performance Review with Self-Review form template and select it.

    4. Select General Settings.

    5. Rename the form template to [Your Initials] Performance Review.

    1. In the same General Settings area, locate Route Map:

    2. Select the Route Map you created in a previous exercise. Ignore the warning pop-up message, and select OK.


      In step b, you would normally assign a route map from Form Template Settings and never from Manage Templates to preserve permissions, hence you display a warning message in this step.

      You can proceed, as you will configure permissions in a later exercise, but you should take this into account in a real scenario to avoid an impact in your existing permission configuration.

    3. In Rating Scale: select the rating scale you created in a previous exercise.

    4. Expand Edit Fields and Sections and select Goals.

    5. In Section type locate Choose which goal plan you want to link, and select the goal plan template you created in a previous exercise.

    6. Choose Save.

    7. Expand Edit Fields and Sections, and remove the Strength and Development Comments section

    8. Choose Delete.

    9. Choose Save.

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