Adding Competencies


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Add competencies to a requisition

Job Requisition Competencies

Competencies can be used as Interview Assessment criteria.

The requisition creation process can be quicker and easier if families and roles are created and competencies are mapped to roles. When this mapping is done, competencies will auto-populate on the requisition.

Competencies in a Job Requisition and in Interview Assessment

  • Competencies can be assigned to each job requisition and then used as Interview Assessment criteria within an area called Interview Central.

  • The figure, Competencies in a Job Requisition and in Interview Assessment, shows competencies added to a requisition from the SAP SuccessFactors competency library.

  • Note that the Expected Rating and Weight columns are not used in the Interview Central functionality. There is no way to disable these unused columns.

Competency Library

  • Competencies can be auto-populated into the job requisition by linking them to roles and by using the Family and Roles option when creating a new requisition.

  • This provides an easy way to feed a new job requisition with existing role definitions and competencies. The figure, Competency Library, shows an example of a role with associated competencies in Admin Center.

  • Competencies must be added to the requisition for the Interview Assessment feature to function properly as the competencies will be carried over to the Interview Assessment.

Competency Configuration

To configure and permission the competencies field, you can add code to the JRDM XML template.

Define the Competencies Field

  1. Define the competencies field.

  2. Designate who can add and modify competencies.

Add Competencies to a Requisition

To add competencies to the requisition, complete the following process:

  1. Create a new requisition or edit an existing one.

  2. Click the Add more competencies link.

  3. To view the competency libraries in a tree structure, click Browse.

    Alternatively, click the Search tab to search for a specific competency.


    Interview questions may be added as competencies so the system may be used to rate the candidate on those questions.

  4. Navigate through the libraries and select the desired competencies.

  5. Click the Add button.

Interview Assessment

Once interviewers are identified, the competencies display in the Interview Assessment for candidates that are being interviewed for the position.

Because competencies are used in the Interview Assessment, customers will almost always use the competency field, even if they do not have traditional competencies established.

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