Configuring Additional Field Types and Custom Tokens


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Configure custom fields
  • Enable tokens for custom fields in Provisioning

Standard Versus Custom Fields

There are many attributes for each field type. By using the appropriate standard field, the attributes are applied.

Adding a field that is not on the Standard Field Guide list creates a custom field. For custom fields, you choose the ID, field type, label, and so on.

The label designated on the XML is used. It is not necessary to also list the label in Provisioning.

If you use a standard field ID, but not the corresponding field type, the field is considered a custom field. For example, using picklist instead of enum for Department makes it a custom field.

To make the custom field reportable, once the field is defined in JRDM XML field has to be added in Provisioning, Configure Reportable Custom Fields and data has to be synchronize.

It is best practice to have standard recruiting reports rely on the standard fields.

Custom Tokens

You can use tokens in offer letters or email templates to reference field data; for example, relevant personalized information for each candidate when you generate the letter or email. This saves you from having to manually edit the letter or email each time to add the personalized information.

To configure tokens, use ProvisioningConfigure Custom Tokens. Configure custom tokens for any custom fields that require tokens in the Requisition XML template, the Application XML template, or the Job Offer Detail XML template.

Custom Tokens Configuration

There are 150 fields available for configuration as custom tokens on the application and requisition. The candidate profile and offer details template have 45 fields available for configuration.

Any custom reportable fields that are used need to be consistent across all requisitions and templates.

Custom fields need to be configured to be used as tokens, which is set up in ProvisioningConfigure custom tokens.

Up to 25 custom tokens may be configured for the requisition as well as 25 for the application and 45 for the offer details template.

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