Configuring Interviews


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Enable interview fields in the job requisition
  • Set up interviewers from the candidate workbench
  • Set up interviewers with interview scheduling
  • Enable interview assessment permission in the job requisition
  • Configure the required interview scheduling settings in Admin Center
  • Enable Microsoft Outlook and Teams online meetings for SAP SuccessFactors
  • Enable Interview Central
  • Enable and create required interview scheduling emails
  • Post interview ratings and comments in Interview Central
  • Review ratings and comments in Interview Central

Interview Fields

The Hiring Manager Note field is used to capture a brief note from the hiring manager to tell the interviewers about what they are looking for in a candidate. Once the field is configured and properly permissioned in JRDM, it is available on the job requisition. An example of a Hiring Manager Note field definition is as follows:

Code snippet
<field-definition id="hiringManagerNote" type="multiattachment" required="false" custom="true">
<field-label><![CDATA[Hiring Manager Note]]></field label>
<field-label lang="de_DE"><![CDATA[Kommentar]]</field-label>
<field-label lang="en_GB"><![CDATA[Hiring Manager Note]]</field-label>
<field-label lang="en_US"><![CDATA[Hiring Manager Note]]</field-label>
<field-description><![CDATA[Hiring Manager Note]]></field description>
<field-description lang="de_DE"><![CDATA[Bitte weiteren Kommentar eingeben]]</field-description>
<field-description lang="en_GB"><![CDATA[Hiring Manager Note]]</field-description>
<field-description lang="en_US"><![CDATA[Hiring Manager Note]]</field-description>

The Interview Guide Field

The Interview Guide attachment can contain the basic instructions, tips, and tricks on how to run the interview, such as the basic questions to ask. Once the field is configured and properly permissioned in JRDM, it is available on the job requisition. An example of an Interview Guide field definition is as follows:

Code snippet
<field-definition id="InterviewGuide" type="multiattachment" required="false" custom="false">
<field-label mime-type="text-plain"><![CDATA[Interview Guide Documents]]></field-label>
<field-description><![CDATA[Interview Guide Documents]]></field-definition>
  • Once interviewers are added, the list is available from the applicant view.
    There is no Microsoft Outlook integration for these types of interview settings. The Outlook integration is only available if a customer uses the Interview Scheduling feature.

Candidate in Interview Status

For most clients, there is an Interview status and that is the status used to add the interviewers. However, the customer can choose any label for the status, and the interview feature can to be used with multiple statuses (see the Feature Permissions topic). The person changing the candidate status to Interview requires the permission to change candidate status. Remember, the candidate status set is configured through Admin CenterManage RecruitingEdit Applicant Status Configuration. Within the Interview status, the roles that have access to change statuses should be checked under the Selectable by section.

The candidate must be advanced or moved to the status within the JRDM to support Interview Assessments.

Interviewer Setup From the Applicant View

In the Interviewers portlet, select Set up Interviewers.

It is possible to send an SMS notification to the candidate before the interview. For details, refer to the Implementation Guide.

How to Add Interviewers

To select the people to be included among interviewers, complete the following process:

  1. To add interviewers, click Add.
  2. Enter the name.
  3. Add notes about the candidates.
  4. Use the same list for this candidate or apply the same list to all applicants.
  5. Choose to attach the resume or not.
  6. Review the attached Interview Guide.
  7. Review the Hiring Manager Note.
  8. Choose to attach the cover letter or not.
  9. Save the interviewer list or send an email.

The Same as Last Time option for Interviewers is a feature that is automatically available to all clients. When adding a second candidate to a requisition, the Same as Last Time option appears next to Add Interviewers, allowing you to apply the same interview team previously added for candidates on that requisition.

Interview Scheduling for Candidates

Access the Interview Scheduling tab from the job requisitions list page.

Scheduling the Interview for Candidates

Complete the following process:

  1. Locate the job requisition requiring a scheduled interview.

  2. Click the not started button to view the candidates in an interview step awaiting an interview.

  3. Select the candidate that you need to schedule by using the information on the candidate card and select Start Scheduling.

  4. Define the Interview Title. This will default to the interview step name from Talent Pipeline.

  5. Define the type of the interview and of relevant add the location. If a new face-to-face location is necessary that is not in the picklist in Admin, the organizer can type the location in by selecting Add new. This will not add a new location to picklist, or enable the user to use this location again later.

  6. Add the interviewers by the user lookup, or by their Recruiting Role on the requisition. It is not possible to add the same user twice.

    Recruiters can schedule interviews that cross midnight in their own time zone. For example, recruiters working at a large corporation’s shared service centers can be based in Asia/Pacific are able to set up interviews to occur in Europe without any restrictions.  

    If you add more than one interviewer, the interviewer will become a panel-style interview where all interviewers are required to interview the candidate at the same time. The default interview duration is 30 minutes.
  7. Browse the availability for the interviewers by clicking Find Availability. All of the available times that fit the interview criteria will be shown in the Availability Grid.

    A slot will be shown in light gray if it has already been sent out for another interview. This means it is possible that the slot might become booked. Dark gray means the slot is fully available. Blue are slots that have been selected or sent already.

  8. Select the time slots and send to candidate. If booking a group candidate interview, choose how many candidates can book the same slot. The text underneath the Availability Grid will tell you how many slots are needed to book all candidates.

  9. Once you have selected enough slots, click Continue to finish.

  10. Choose a method to contact the candidate about interview: email, SMS, or both.

    1. Select the language and template.

    2. Add any attachments, if required.

    3. If you don’t want to contact candidates at all, click Skip Email.

Candidate View

A tab has been added to the Careers Site where candidates manage all activities related to the scheduling of their upcoming interviews.

Confirmation of a Single Slot

Confirming a single slot means that organizers can send an email one time and have candidates log in and confirm or decline if they want to by choosing one slot and by not selecting Book this slot for candidates. Candidates will see the time and date of the interview with a link to confirm or decline.

In the figure, Confirming a Single Slot, you can see an example of this.

Self-scheduling Interviews

If the organizer sends candidates multiple slots on an interview schedule, the candidate can use the self-scheduling method to schedule the interview. The candidate clicks the URL provided in the email, views the slots remaining, and can choose the preferred one.

My Calendar for Interviewers

The My Calendar tab is where interviewers can manually enter their availability for conducting interviews and is only available if the Outlook integration is not being used. Interviewers can also see all their booked interviews on their calendar and cancel them. If interviewers have not entered availability manually in the calendar, organizers will only be able to schedule interviews using Custom Slots.

Adding the Availability into a Calendar

Adding and editing calendars is available for interviewers. Interviewers are required to add their availability to their calendar in SAP SuccessFactors to provide their preferred times. Interviewers can enter available times in 15-minute intervals as a one-time occurrence or on a recurring basis. When availability is added, it is shown in the interviewers’ People Profile time zone. The time zone is shown on the calendar view for the interviewer. If the time zone is incorrect, the user should update it, or contact their system administrator if they do not have permission to do so.

If an interviewer’s availability changes after it is entered, they can delete it. If the time slot was already sent out to candidates, it will be removed from the candidates’ available slot options and from the interview setup view for the organizer. If a candidate has booked an interview during a time the interviewer wants to edit or remove the meeting, the interviewer will be warned that a candidate’s interview will be affected. If they choose to continue, the candidate’s status will change to not booked for that interview and the Cancel Interview Notification email will be sent to the candidate to advise them.


Availability from Outlook is captured in the People Profile time zone of the interviewer; availability is displayed for the logged-in organizer in the organizer’s time zone as well. It is important that both employees’ time zones are set properly in SAP SuccessFactors to reflect the correct availability.

If users frequently need to conduct interviews while they are traveling to other time zones, it is recommended that employees be given write permission to the People Profile time zone field so they can update it if they change their computer or Outlook time. Work hours come from users’ personal preferences in Exchange. If users do not have work hours set in Exchange, SAP SuccessFactors will default 9:00 am to 5:00 pm for that user. Interviews can still be scheduling outside of working hours using custom slots functionality.

Interview Meeting Invitation

When an interview is booked, the content of the Interview Confirmation to Interviewers email trigger will be sent as an Outlook meeting invitation. One meeting invitation will go from the service account to each interviewer on the interview only.

Meeting invitations are not sent to candidates. Candidates will receive email communication of their interview times.

The organizer is included as an optional recipient on the meeting invite. An organizer is not shown as an interviewer on the interview or in Interview Central. Organizers will also have all the appointments on their calendars and they can forward them back to recipients if they lose or delete their original invitation.

Interviewer Response (Accepting or Declining)

Interviewers can respond to the meeting invitation just like any other Outlook invitation with "Accept", "Decline" or "Tentative". When the Outlook integration enabled, interviewers must decline an interview if they want to cancel it. Interviewers cannot cancel the interview from the My Calendar tab in SAP SuccessFactors. The organizer can then choose to rebook the candidate or let the interview go ahead with another interviewer (outside the system).

The following steps are not supported:

  • Proposing a new time

    If an interviewer attempts to propose a new time, those comments will not be sent back to the organizer.
  • Swapping interviewers in the system once the invitation has been sent

To view responses for a particular interview, proceed as follows:

  1. Select the candidates in Booked.

    A loading icon appears until the Interviewer status is determined.

  2. Locate the candidate interview you want to check responses for by clicking to the right page.

    If interviewers do not send a response when they respond, the card will show no response, which is blank.

Interview Setup

Interviewers can set up:

  • Directly in the relevant status in the candidate pipeline

  • By using the Interview Scheduling feature

    You can use only one of the options to set up interviewers at the same time.

A prerequisite is that features permissions must be enabled in JRDM XML for the appropriate operators in the desired statuses (one feature-permission block per status).

Code snippet
<feature-permission type="InterviewAssessment">
<status><![CDATA[Interview]]></status> </feature-permission>
The client might want to have this permission set in the interview status or statuses and all statuses beyond the interview because there is no difference between the access for interview setup and the access for interview results.

Interview Scheduling

The Interview Scheduling tool helps simplify and expedite the interview scheduling process.

This training material covers only basic functionality settings. Detailed descriptions can be found in a document that can be downloaded from the Customer Community.

Basic facts:

  • Using Interview Scheduling, individuals responsible for arranging interviews can access availability for interviewers and propose times to candidate, who can then reserve a time that works for them.
  • Organizers can send candidate a time if they do not want candidate to schedule themselves. Interviewers and a candidates can decline or reschedule if that time no longer works for them.
  • Candidates can request additional times from the Organizer if they cannot find a time that works.


  • The v12 career site must be enabled. To enable the career site, navigate to Admin CenterRecruitingManage Recruiting Sites and select the option for Enable V12 External Career Site.

  • If using Data Retention Management (DRM) or a Data Privacy Consent Statement, ensure that version 2 is being used for both.

  • For interviews that have been booked, or are marked as not yet booked, organizers can make necessary updates or changes to the interview, including adding or delete interviewers, modifying the interview location, interview type, interview date, time slots, or interview duration.

Interview Scheduling Configuration

Other configuration options must be set up before enabling Interview Scheduling, including the following:

  1. Determine picklist values that will be used for a virtual interview location and a face-to-face interview location.

  2. Enable the Interview Scheduling functionality by navigating to Admin CenterManage Recruiting Settings..

  3. Manage Recruiting Email Triggers: Set up the required email templates.

  4. Recruiting Permission: Enable calendar for interviewers.

  5. Grant permission for the Interview Scheduling tab:

    1. For the Organizer: Navigate to Admin CenterRecruiting PermissionsEnable Interview Scheduling Permissions. This option gives the user access to the job requisition link on the Interview Scheduling tab and access to schedule candidates.

    2. For the Interviewers: If the Outlook integration is not being used, the Calendar permission should be granted to any known interviewers by using Recruiting PermissionsEnable Calendar.

Granting Calendar Permissions

It is not necessary to permission every possible interviewer, any interviewer who is left off the permissions will be given access to the table if they are added to an interview and the interview is saved.

Once Interview Scheduling is enabled in the Admin Center, it is not possible to add interviewers through the application details section.

Outlook Integration

The Outlook integration is configured in Admin Center as follows:

  1. Grant permission to Admins by selecting Manage Interview Scheduling Outlook Integration.

  2. Navigate to the Interview Scheduling Outlook Integration admin tool, enter the credentials, and verify the connection.

  3. Select the checkbox to establish the Outlook integration and click Save.

    Clicking Verify will display a green success message or a red error message.

    If red is seen you will not be able to enable the integration until the errors are resolved.

Outlook Meeting Invitation

The Outlook integration is optional and can be fully configured in Admin by customers. If the Outlook integration is enabled, all interviewer availability will be retrieved from Outlook when the organizer searches for availability.

When an interview is booked, interviewers will be sent a calendar invitation to their Outlook email address. Interviewers can accept, decline, or respond tentatively and their status will be shown in SAP SuccessFactors when the organizer clicks on Booked candidates with the Dashboard.

It is also possible to upload meeting rooms with details into SAP SuccessFactors Admin. Interview organizers can view meeting room availability for their interview slots in Interview Scheduling and can book meeting rooms for an interview. Organizers can change meeting rooms if conflicts occur, or the room needs to be changed.

Jobs can be scheduled to retrieve interviewer and room statuses periodically when the organizer selects candidates who are Booked. The job runs every four hours from when the Outlook integration is enabled in Admin.

Clients can configure an email to go to all of the assigned organizers for an interview each time an interviewer or room responds to an interview meeting request, including the respondent's name and the response (accepted, tentative, or declined).

Prerequisites include the following:

  • Interview Scheduling must be configured first.

  • Customer must be using Exchange 2007 or higher, or Microsoft Office 365.

  • User’s calendars must allow access to the service account for Free/Busy time permission or greater, which can be accomplished by configuring system default settings.


Configuration for the Outlook integration includes the following steps:

  1. Create a service account in the Company Exchange.

    • a. The user’s People Profile email address must be hosted in the same system as the service account.

  2. Make Exchange Web Services (EWS) available to SAP SuccessFactors servers using either a direct URL method or Autodiscover.

    • a. Do not apply any throttling processes to block or unnecessary delay EWS usage by the service account.

  3. Grant the System Admin permission to set up the Interviewer Scheduling Outlook Integration. Go to Manage RecruitingSet up Interview Scheduling Outlook Integration.

  4. Log in as system admin and in Admin CenterSet up Interview Scheduling Outlook Integration provide the Exchange URL or choose Autodiscover. Also provide the service account username, email and password in SAP SuccessFactors’ Admin.

  5. Verify the connection.

  6. Once a successful connection has been reached, select the box to establish the Outlook integration to enable it.

Once the Outlook Integration for Interview Scheduling is established, the SAP SuccessFactors My Calendar tab does not display. If the Outlook Integration is disabled again, My Calendar will display. For customers with existing interviews in Interview Scheduling, it is recommended to close out those interviews or instruct users to save them in Outlook before transitioning.

Microsoft Teams Integration with Interview Scheduling

Prerequisites for Enabling Microsoft Teams Integration

The prerequisites for enabling Microsoft Teams integration for Interview Scheduling are:

  • For users to schedule interviews using Outlook and Teams online meetings, you also must first complete configurations for the Microsoft Outlook Integration for Interview Scheduling.
  • You’ve set up the integration between the SAP SuccessFactors system and Microsoft 365 on the Work Tech Configuration page.
  • You've enabled basic integration between SAP SuccessFactors and Microsoft Teams.

Integration with Microsoft Exchange Online and Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Teams Integration with Interview Scheduling supports integration with Microsoft Exchange Online and Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft Teams connects to Exchange Online by using Microsoft Graph and Microsoft Authentication libraries, which implement OAuth 2.0 token-based authorization.

Integrating Interview Scheduling with Exchange Online and Outlook 365 by using Modern Authentication requires your Microsoft Exchange Administrator to:

  1. Register the application for your Service Account in Microsoft Azure portal and notes the following credentials:
    • Application (client) ID
    • Directory (tenant) ID
    • Client secret value
    • Email ID of the service account associated with your application
  2. Apply the following API permissions
    • For Online Meetings: OnlineMeetings.Read.All and OnlineMeetings.ReadWrite.All
    • For Online Meeting Artifact: OnlineMeetingArtifact.Read.All
    • For Calendars: Calendars.Read and Calendars.ReadWrite
  3. Grant admin consent allowing Microsoft Teams Integration for Interview Scheduling to access the required Graph APIs for sending or receiving emails and accessing the calendars of organizers and interviewers.

Set Up Microsft Teams Integration in SAP SuccessFactors

The following configurations are required to start setting up the Microsoft Teams integration in SAP SuccessFactors:

  1. Ensure the necessary OAuth configurations are complete in the Security Center. 
  2. Set up a connection for Interview Scheduling Microsoft Teams Integration with Exchange Online in the Admin CenterMicrosoft Integration with Interview SchedulingVerify and Connect page
  3. Run a scan to validate the configurations by using the Verify and Connect option. 
  4. After successful verification, select the Enable Microsoft Teams Integration option from the Interview Settings in Manage Recruiting Settings.

Interview Scheduling Setup with Microsoft Teams

Recruiters can now include Microsoft Teams meeting information while scheduling interviews. Interviewers and applicants can use this meeting information to attend phone, virtual, or face-to-face meetings during the interview process.

The Microsoft Teams integration for interview scheduling supports the following:

  • Adding a Microsoft Teams virtual conference room and meeting information as part of the interview scheduling process.
  • Selecting a single interviewer or a panel of interviewers when scheduling the online interview with Microsoft Teams.
  • Triggering emails which includes the Microsoft Teams meeting information based on the action of candidates, interviewers, and organizers. 

High-level steps for setting up Interview Schedule

  1. Navigate to RecruitingInterview Scheduling
  2. Go to the Job Requisitions tab

    Recruiters can see all the job requisitions for which they have interviewAssessment permissions, provided they have VisibleTo permissions for the status set.

  3. Select the candidate for which you would like to schedule an interview and choose Start Scheduling.
  4. Enable the Microsoft Teams option available as part of the online meeting options.
  5. Select Save and Continue.

Interview Central

To be able to use Interview Central, several functionalities need to be enabled, ideally when the initial system settings are configured.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Enable the Interview Assessment feature in Provisioning: ProvisioningCompany SettingsRecruiting V2 ApplicationEnable Stack Ranker style Interview Assessments

  2. Create a new assessment rating scale in Admin Center.

  3. Add the assessment scale to the job requisition template (JRDM).

Interview Scheduling Emails

The following email triggers are available when enabling the interview scheduling functionality:

Email TriggerDetails

Booked Interview Cancellation to Interviewers

Sent to the interviewers when a candidate cancels a booked interview. Required for Interview Scheduling.
Booked Interview Cancellation to OrganizersSent to the organizers when a candidate cancels a booked interview. Required for Interview Scheduling.
Booked Interview Reschedule E-mail to CandidateSent to the candidate to confirm that the interview has been rescheduled.
Cancel Interview NotificationSent to all participants when interviewers cancel the interview.
Candidate Interview Response Reminder

Sent to candidates in the status of Not Booked who have been sent an invitation to interview, but haven’t responded yet. Required for Interview Scheduling.

Candidate Self-Schedules InterviewSent to candidates who have been invited to interview, asking them to log in and confirm an interview time. Required for Interview Scheduling.
Email Notification to Candidates for Rescheduled or Updated InterviewSent to candidates if organizers choose to notify them when they reschedule or update an interview.
Email Notification to Interviewers for Rescheduled or Updated InterviewSent to the interviewers when organizers reschedule or update a booked interview.
Email Notification to Organizers for Rescheduled or Updated InterviewSent to the organizers after they reschedule or update a booked interview.
Interview Assessments OutstandingSent when an interview assessment form has been incomplete for [N] days, at defined intervals, until the defined maximum number of emails is reached. If no interview data is set, this email isn’t sent. 

Interview Central Navigation

This section is about completing interview ratings and comments.

As the intended interviewer (not the recruiting team member who assigned the interviewers), navigate to Interview Central from the Recruiting main page.

All candidates will be listed in Interview Central. Expand or collapse each interview for more or less detail.

In Interview Central, when you click the job title below the Job Title link, the expanded view of the job details and a candidate list displays. The figure, Interview Central, shows an example of the expanded, more detailed view.

Interview Central: Collapsed Job Details View

Click the job title again and a collapsed view of the job details displays, as shown in the figure, Interview Central: Collapsed Job Details View.

Interview Assessment

To rate a candidate, click the Rate now link.

Rating the Candidates' Competencies

The Interview Assessment page lists all candidates, individual ratings per competency, overall rating, a link to upload notes (if enabled in Admin CenterManage Recruiting SettingsInterview Central) and the rank of the candidates, based on your assessments.

Interview Assessment Navigation Icons

Use the graphics in the figure, Interview Assessment Navigation Icons, as a guide to the following functions:

  1. Rate the candidate and see automatic ranking in Stack Ranker

  2. Hover text help for ratings and competencies

  3. Add notes

  4. Upload other notes

  5. Overall rating graphic

  6. Business card for more information on candidate

Include Disqualified Candidates in the Candidate List

A checkbox is available to Include Disqualified Candidates in the results list.

Disqualified candidates are visible, but cannot be updated in the Candidate Ratings or Candidate Summary list.

Consolidated Candidate Ratings and Comments

After all interviews are complete, the recruiting administrator can navigate to the Job Requisition and click View Candidate Ratings.

Candidate Ratings

This will display the Candidate Ratings page.

Candidate Names

The names of the candidates interviewed are displayed.

Candidate Ratings: Summary

  • Candidate ratings for each competency are visible in the left-hand column.

  • Summary rating and notes for each candidate are visible at the bottom of the screen.

Stack Ranking

The Stack Ranking view of the candidates is visible on the right-hand side of the screen.

Stack Ranking Competency

  • Select the competency from the dropdown list to view the stack ranking per competency.

  • Stack rankings may change depending on how each candidate was ranked for that competency.

Configure Interviews

Business Example

Interview Central brings all interview-related tasks together in a one stop interview shop. The connection between competencies and candidates occurs during the interview process. In this exercise, you will configure the steps to set up interviews and interviewers.

Task 1: Enable the Interview Assessment Feature


  1. Navigate to ProvisioningCompany Settings and verify the two Interview Assessment features are enabled. If they are not, enable them as follows and save your changes:

    • Enable Stack Ranker style Interview Assessments.

    • Enable Interview Central and Setup Interviewers Popup.

  2. In an XML editor, open the latest version of the JRDM.

    1. Log in to Provisioning and navigate to Managing RecruitingImport/Update/Export Job Requisition Template and download the latest version of the JRDM to your computer

    2. Open your XML editor and open the JRDM file you just downloaded.

  3. Verify that the interview assessment is configured on the JRDM.

    • Ensure that the proper feature permission to enable interview assessment functionality is included on the JRDM.

    • Ensure that all roles currently being used on the requisition have been granted permission.

    • Ensure that the correct applicant status is associated to this feature.

    1. Use Ctrl+F to locate feature-permission and verify that your JRDM is configured to support interview assessment as follows:

      • Ensure <feature-permission type="interviewAssessment"> is configured for at least one interview status.

      • Ensure that all roles currently being used on the requisition have been granted permission.

      • Note that you must configure a feature permission section for each interview status to which you want this to be available.

  4. Verify that a rating scale is configured on the JRDM and that it matches the scale in Admin Center.

    1. Use Ctrl+F to locate assessment-scale and verify a rating scale is configured on the JRDM and it matches the scalein Admin Center.

      Remember the scale name is case and space sensitive.
  5. If changes were made, save the file with a new name, validate, and return to Provisioning to import the updated file.

Task 2: Enable the Interview Central Functionality


  1. Open the latest version of the JRDM in an XML editor.

    1. Log in to Provisioning and navigate to Managing RecruitingImport/Update/Export Job Requisition Template. Download the latest version of the JRDM to your computer.

    2. Open your XML editor and open the JRDM file you just downloaded.

  2. Add the interviewGuide field above the Comments section.

    Refer to the latest version of the Implementation Guide for the sample code.

    1. Locate the interviewGuide field above the Comments section. If this field definition does not exist, add it to the JRDM.

  3. Add the hiringManagerNote field below the Interview Guide field.

    Refer to the latest version of the Implementation Guide for the sample code.

    1. Locate the hiringManagerNote field above the Comments section. If this field definition does not exist, add it to the JRDM.

  4. Enable the permissions for these two fields with write permissions for G and R during the approved status. No other permissions are needed.

    1. Use Ctrl+F to locate ‘permissions’ and verify that permissions are enabled for these two fields for G and R to "write" to them during the approved status. No other permissions are needed.

    You have now verified that the Interview Central relevant fields have been configured on the JRDM.

  5. If changes were made, save the file with a new name, validate, and return to Provisioning to import the updated file.

Task 3: Move Candidates to the Interview Status


  1. Before moving candidates, log in as an administrator user and enable the Create Meeting button functionality in Admin Center.

    1. Log in to your instance as the administrator.

    2. Navigate to Admin CenterCompany SettingsCompany System and Logo Settings. Ensure that the Outlook Calendar Integration box is checked.

      This will ensure that the Create Meeting button is available in Recruiting but it does not enable outlook integration. For more information on how to enable outlook integration feature please see relevant documentation.

  2. Log in as a user who can move candidates to new statuses and has interview assessment capability (use your recruiter) and select the requisition.

  3. Ensure that you can see the two newly added fields and add text to the hiring manager note field.

    1. Open the requisition and verify you can see the two fields added above. Add text to the hiringManagerNote field.

    2. Find the Competencies field and 3 different competencies

    3. Save your changes and close the page.

      Do not use the Close Requisition button.
  4. Move candidates to the status of " Schedule Interview" (or the status that coincides with the status that was permissioned to launch the interview assessment in the JRDM).

    1. To move the candidate on this requisition to the first Schedule Interview Status, drag and drop them or, under the Action column, check their names and select Move Candidate (or the status that coincides with the status for which permissions are enabled to launch the interview assessment in the JRDM).

Task 4: Add Interviewers


  1. Open the first candidate and add at least two interviewers.

    1. View the details of one of the candidates. Find the Interviewers portlet on the right side of the screen.

    2. To set up an interview for this candidate, select Set up Interviewers.

    3. From the new window, select Add and enter a name in the field. Set the date, start and end times, and any notes, as applicable.

      This is optional information.
    4. Add a second interviewer.

  2. Schedule the interviews for both applicants and send the email.

    1. Select to send the candidate resume and select the Send Email button.

  3. Optional: Create a meeting invite.

    1. Optional: Create a meeting invite by navigating to Take Action and select Create a Meeting.

    2. Repeat the steps above to schedule interviews for the next candidate.

Task 5: Complete Interview Ratings and Comments


  1. Log in as the interviewer and navigate to RecruitingInterview Central.

    • On the Interviewer Central screen, verify that the hiring manager note displays.

    • Check the Print and Go pack.

    • To complete the Interview Assessment for each candidate, use the Rate Now link.

    • Add comments for a few of the competencies.

    1. Find the requisition and compete the following tasks:

      1. Verify that the hiring manager note is on the Interview Central screen.

      2. Take a look at the Print and Go pack by selecting the Print and Go button.

      3. Use the Rate Now link to complete the Interview Assessment for each candidate. Rate candidates for each competency. Notice how the candidates are given a summary rating at the bottom of the screen and are ranked on the right side of the screen.

      4. Add comments for a few of the competencies.

      5. When you have completed adding ratings, select I’m Done.

  2. Login as a second interviewer and repeat the steps above to complete the interview review process

Task 6: Review Candidate Ratings and Comments


  1. Log in as the recruiter.

    1. Proxy as the recruiter and navigate to Recruiting. Find the job requisition for which the interviews were conducted.

  2. Open the job requisition for which the interviews were just conducted.

  3. Select the View Candidate Ratings link to see the interview assessment scores and comments for all candidates on one screen.

    1. View the Candidate Summary page for this requisition and select the View Candidate Ratings link. View the interview assessment scores and comments for all candidates on one screen.

  4. Decide: Which candidate(s) seem to be the best fit for the position?

    Your answer will drive the next steps in the recruiting process.

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