Configuring Job Search Fields


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Configure job search filter fields

Standard and Custom Filter Fields

In zone 2, filter fields for the Candidate Portal and the Career tab are also defined. There are two types of filter fields:

  • Standard filter fields
  • Custom filter fields

Custom filter fields are defined, standard picklist fields with a field definition ID, such as filter1and filter2, and so on.

  • In Provisioning, the Internal and External Applicant Search Settings control the labels for.these custom fields.
  • In ProvisioningManaging Recruiting.Internal and External Applicant Search Settings, you can also configure the filters that applicants use as search criteria.
Filter fields also enable clients to set up microsites. Be sure to mention this early, so that the client picks filters to support any desired microsites.

Internal and External Applicant Search Setting

Filters are set up separately for both the internal site (Careers tab) and the external site (Career Portal).

When configuring internal and external sites, keep in mind the following information about standard and custom filter fields:

  • Standard filters: The checkbox for each filter is selected to make that field available for searching.
  • Custom filters:
    • The field labels and picklist ID are required.
    • When a cascading picklist is required in search settings, a parent picklist ID is required.
    • The order in which the fields display is controlled by the grid order boxes.

On the internal job search page, you can also configure which role displays in the results, as follows: On the search page, the display order of these fields is controlled in the Search Order column.

On the results page, the display order of the fields is controlled in the Grid Order column.

Note that the same settings can be enabled in the Admin Center by selecting Internal and External Career Search Settings.

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