Configuring SMS Notifications


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Enable SMS notifications

SMS Notifications Configuration Process

To enable SMS notifications, follow this process:

  1. Add two fields within the candidate profile XML template:

    • phoneCountryCode

    • optInCellNumber

  2. In Admin CenterRecruiting Settings, enable SMS Messaging and enter the following information for the account:

    • Username

    • Password

    • URL

    • Countries where this feature should be enabled

  3. Finally, set up message templates, assign the templates to candidate statuses, and enable the notification trigger.

Candidates can text STOP to opt-out of receiving SMS texts in North America.

SMS Notification Types

The three different types of SMS notifications that can be sent are as follows:

  • Status triggered SMS notifications

  • Ad hoc SMS notifications

  • Reminder SMS notification for candidates who have not scheduled an interview

Status-triggered SMS Notifications

SMS messages triggered from a change in applicant status are tracked on the Correspondence portlet within the candidate summary page.

Status Triggered SMS Notifications

Ad Hoc SMS Notifications

SMS notifications can be sent on an ad-hoc basis and are tracked on the Correspondence portlet within the candidate summary page.

SMS Ad-Hoc Notifications Tracked

Reminder SMS Notifications

A reminder SMS notification can be sent to candidates who have not scheduled an interview.

A default notification has been provided for this trigger because candidates will be reminded even if there are no slots left. As a result, customers enabling this notification should also add contact information to the notification in the event a candidate is unable to book a slot.

Reminder SMS Notification

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