Configuring Team Recruiting


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Enable team recruiting settings in Provisioning
  • Configure Job Requisition Data Model (JRDM) for team recruiting
  • Enable team recruiting settings in Admin Center

Team Recruiting Overview

Many organizations take a team approach when hiring new candidates. Recruiters often share responsibilities when working through open requisitions, screening and interviewing, and ultimately finding the right candidates to join their company. The Team Recruiting feature is very useful in these types of scenarios.

In addition to the individual recruiting operators (roles), fields defining teams of users are supported on the requisition. When added, permissions for the team are the same as those for the primary operators.

For example, any fields for which the Recruiter has write permissions, members of the Recruiter Team inherit the same write permissions.

A GM+ role can also be added to the requisition XML to grant extended access to upline managers (beyond that of the default V access).

With team recruiting, the process can continue if someone is out sick or on vacation.

This applies to approved requisitions only. A proxy needs to be used if the requisition has not yet been approved.

Provisioning Configuration for Team Recruiting

To enable Team Recruiting proceed as follows:

  1. Navigate to ProvisioningCompany SettingsRecruiting V2 Application section.

  2. Select the Enable Recruiting Team functionality checkbox.

  3. At the top of the Recruiting V2 Application section, click Save.

The Team Recruiting feature is enabled; continue with the configuration and set up. Team Recruiting must also be enabled in Admin Center and on the JRDM.

JRDM Configuration for Team Recruiting

To add the Team Recruiting Code, proceed as follows: Remember, location matters. Add these fields in the place that you want to see them populate on the requisition.

  1. Add team field definitions to the JRDM (to ensure that the syntax is correct, copy from the SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management Implementation Guide).

  2. Apply the permissions to the field in the same way as the primary operator field. The permissions ensure that the team field will also appear in the Involved Parties section of the requisition.

Do not remove definitions for the primary operators (roles such as R or G). These fields do not replace those roles, they supplement them.

To add permissions for the new fields, proceed as follows:

  1. Add permissions for the new fields on the JRDM.

    For example, Everywhere the"recruiterName" field is permissioned, add the "recruiterTeam" field.

  2. If Upline Managers should have the same permissions as their Hiring Managers, add GM+ permissions (GM+ will include GM).

After all permissions are added, complete the following tasks:

  1. Validate the JRDM against the DTD.

  2. Import the updated JRDM.

  3. Test the new fields by creating a new requisition.

    This task is only to test that the fields are there. There are still a few administration steps to complete in order to fully enable the team recruiting feature.

Admin Center Configuration for Team Recruiting

Users for the team are either selected individually or set up as a Recruiting group.

Adding individual users or groups to the admin setup is not retroactive (they will not be added to existing requisitions). However, changing the definition of a group to contain different users is retroactive (all requisitions containing that group will reflect the changes to the group membership).

It is best practice to add groups rather than individuals in admin setup to ensure the group is dynamically updated.

To enable groups, navigate to Admin CenterManage Recruiting Groups and create the required groups.

Team Recruiting Settings

Team Recruiting Settings must also be turned on in Admin Center.

Navigate to Admin CenterManage Recruiting Team Settings.

In Manage Recruiting Team Settings, the following options are available (see the figure, Team Recruiting Settings):

  1. Select Allow managers above Hiring Manager to have access to enable upline managers to view requisitions. By default, upline managers receive V permissions.

  2. Select the Recruiter Team to use and add users.

  3. The Add Default Primary User field is used to define the default selection for the primary operator role.

  4. The Add Users to Team field is used to add individual users.

  5. Use the Add Group to Team field to add a previously set up recruiting group to act as the team.

These are just examples and your recruiter and team names will be different from what is shown here.

Optional: Permissions for Upline Managers

  1. If you have enabled upline manager visibility within the Team Recruiting settings, you can also determine which statuses the upline managers can access.

  2. Navigate to Admin CenterEdit Applicant Status Configuration.

  3. Give the Upline Manager permission to view and select candidates (Team Recruiting Settings must also be turned on).

Optional: Define Team Emails

  1. Navigate to Admin CenterEdit Applicant Status Configuration.

  2. Select status-triggered emails for the teams.

Optional: Allow Recruiting Teams to Have Visibility into Pre-Approved Requisitions

  1. Navigate to Admin CenterManage Recruiting Settings.

  2. In the Job Requisition section, select Allow users to view pre-approved requisitions without regard to route map status.

    The system still respects the "Currently With" user in terms of edits when a requisition is in a pre-approved state. All members listed in Recruiting Team field will just have access to job requisition but will not be able to edit it.
  3. Click Save.

Recruiting Team Preferences

Show the client administrator how to set up Recruiting Team Personal Preferences. The administrator can set up default operators and lists of common users that populate the requisition. Lists of favorite users appear on the requisition as a group so changes are dynamically applied. Remember, Team Recruiting must be turned on for the My Recruiting Team Preferences link to appear.

Team Recruiting Testing

Testing begins when all settings are enabled.

To test the settings, do the following:

  1. Create a new requisition.

  2. Ensure that the primary operator you defined is the default value for the corresponding role.

  3. If you have limited who can be selected with the use of recruiting groups, perform a search to ensure that only those users are selectable.

  4. Ensure that the Recruiting teams appear on the requisition in the place you added the code in the JRDM and that the correct groups or users, based on your configuration, are appearing.

  5. Once the requisition is approved, log in as each of the team members and make sure they have the same permissions as their operator.

  6. Test Upline Manager permissions, if applied.

Configure Team Recruiting

Business Example

Recruiting groups limit the users who can be selected for a particular role on a job requisition to only those people assigned to the group.

Recruiting teams provide a way to give a team of people the same level of access and permissions as the primary operator. In this exercise, you will practice with both Recruiting groups and Recruiting teams.

Best Run is interested in using the Recruiting Team functionality. Within their Recruiting organization, they have many recruiting operations coordinators who share responsibilities in all recruiting tasks including sourcing candidates, sending resumes and scheduling interviews. Because many of these coordinators collaborate on completing tasks, Best Run’s recruiting coordinators need the visibility into multiple job requisitions.

Task 1: Enable Team Recruiting and Create the Recruiting Group

Currently, only the individual nominated as the operator on a requisition has the permission to view the requisition details and candidate information. Best Run wants all of the Recruiting Operations Team to be able to work with open requisitions.

To do this, we will enable the Team Recruiting feature within the instance and create a dynamic Recruiting group to identify who should be within the Recruiting Operations Team.


  1. In ProvisioningCompany Settings, select the option to enable Recruiting Teams.

    1. Log in to Provisioning and go to Company Settings.

    2. Find the setting for the Enable Recruiting Team functionality and enable the setting by selecting the checkbox.

    3. Save all changes

  2. In Admin CenterManage Recruiting Groups, create a group called Recruiting Operations.

    1. Log in to your Instance as the administrator.

    2. Navigate to Admin CenterManage Recruiting Groups. Select Create to create new group.

    3. Under Group Name, enter the name Recruiting Operations.

  3. Add members of the Human Resources Department to the Recruiting Operations group.

    1. Under People Pool, select Department and search for Human Resources Department.

    2. Check the box and select Done.

  4. Verify that the correct members are in the group.

    1. Under Group Membership, select the Update button to see how many users are now added to that group. There should be 7 people within the group. You can select the number of members to see who is in the group and verify that the correct employees are included.

    2. To save the group, select Done.

Task 2: Create and Relabel the Coordinator Operator Field

Now that the Recruiting Operations Group is created, we can associate it with Recruiting Operations Coordinator operator field in JRDM XML. . The operator for Recruiting Operations Coordinator field will be our "primary" user associated to the T operator.


  1. In an XML editor, open the latest version of your JRDM_RCM XML and then locate the coordinatorName field.

  2. Replace the existing label (Coordinator) to Recruiting Operations Coordinator in the field definition in the XML (you will re-label in Provisioning in a later step).

  3. To ensure that only a member of the Recruiting Operations team, that you have created earlier, can be selected for this role, add the group code group-name="Recruiting Operations"at the end of the first line of the field definition element.

  4. Review the permissions for the field. In the permissions zone check that the T name field (coordinatorName) is listed everywhere that the R name field (recruiterName) is listed.

  5. Validate and save the JRDM. You will continue to modify the JRDM, so do not import the updated file in Provisioning yet.

  6. In Provisioning, navigate to Job Requisition System Field Labels, and then relabel the coordinatorName to Recruiting Operations Coordinator.

    1. Navigate to Managing RecruitingJob Requisition System Field Labels.

    2. Find every place you see Coordinator and update to Recruiting Operations Coordinator. This will include coordinatorName field and as well as coordinatorEmail and others.

    3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select Save.

Task 3: Configure the Job Requisition Template (JRDM) for Team Recruiting


  1. Use the your latest version of JRDM_RCM XML, one that you have updated in previous exercise.

  2. Find the coordinatorTeam field. The field is right below coordinatorNme field and it is commented out.

  3. Remove the beginning (<!--) and ending (-->) comment tags..

  4. To ensure that the team field displays on the requisition, review the field permission for the coordinatorTeam field and removed comment tags. We will provide the exact same permissions for the coordinatorTeam field as the coordinatorName field.

  5. Import the updated JRDM to Provisioning.

    1. Save the JRDM.

    2. Navigate to Managing RecruitingImport/Update/Export Requisition Template.

    3. Browse for your updated file and select Uploadto import the updated JRDM to Provisioning.

Task 4: Enable Team Recruiting Settings in Admin Center


  1. In Admin Center, choose Manage Recruiting Team Settings, turn on the Recruiting Team, add the Recruiting Team Leads group to this team, and specify the primary operator. Save your settings.

    1. Log in to your instance as the administrator.

    2. Navigate to Admin CenterManage Recruiting Team Settings.

    3. From the dropdown at the top of the screen, select the requisition template for which you want to enable the settings.

    4. Under Manage Access by Role, select the Recruiting Operation Team checkbox.

    5. Add the Recruiting Operations group to this team under Add Groups to Team.

    6. Under Add Default Primary User, enter Zachary Zubov as a user to specify the primary operator.

    7. Click Save.

  2. Create a new requisition to test the team functionality.

    1. Select the Create New button.

    2. Select the requisition template, if applicable.

    3. Select Create New Job Requisition From Blank Template.

    4. Enter the following fields:

      • Job Title

      • Route map operators

    5. Select Next.

    6. Verify the following:

      • Zachary Zubov is the default selection for the Recruiting Operations Coordinator.

      • The Recruiting Operations Team field is in the requisition under the Hiring Team Information section.

      • The Recruiting Operations group (category of Department=Human Resources) makes up the team.

    7. Enter data in all the required fields and send the requisition through all route map steps to complete it and send it to Approved status.

    8. Proxy as a user in the Recruiting Operations group. Navigate to Recruiting and look for the requisition created in the steps above.

    9. Open the requisition and verify that the user can perform all actions/permissions as defined for the primary Recruiting Team Lead during the open status. You may need to review the permissions configured in the JRDM to verify the permissions.

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