Configuring the Quick Apply Application


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Configure a Quick Apply application

Quick Apply Application Overview

Recruiting organizations around the world are looking for ways to reduce the amount of time it takes for candidates to complete their application process. In some cases, they would like their applicants to only complete necessary fields the organization needs in order to review their candidacy.

The goal of the Quick Apply application is to provide customers with an option to have their candidates complete the job application without having to create a candidate profile, simplifying their candidate experience.

When enabling the Quick Apply feature, the organization’s application process will change by bypassing the candidate profile.

The benefits of using Quick Apply include the following:

  • There is a one-page view for the Account Creation and Job Application fields.

  • Creating a candidate profile can be done after applying to the job for a new candidate.

  • Returning candidates may sign in to access their existing profile and apply.

  • Candidates can apply to the job application with a minimum of clicks.

When the Quick Apply feature is enabled for a job requisition template, the candidate will see the Candidate view.

A candidate applying for the first time will be asked to enter an email address and password to create an account. Below the account creation fields, all application fields will be displayed for the candidate to complete, along with Country/Region specific fields (as configured with the country field overrides) and any Data Privacy Consent Statement/GDPR/Data Privacy fields.

A returning candidate can still sign in to their account (by using the Sign-In link) and will not have to complete the account creation fields. They will only see the application fields. Any details available from the candidate’s existing account will be populated against the application fields (for example, first name, contact information, and so on).

A candidate with an existing account, applying for a job requisition or job posting that has been defined as Quick Apply, has the option to accept or reject the updated Data Privacy Consent Statement (DPCS). A dialog is displayed if any recent changes were made to the DPCS statement.

If the candidate accepts the DPCS statement, the candidate can proceed with the application flow to apply for a quick apply enabled job.

If the candidate declines the DPCS statement, the candidate profile is deleted and all the immediate application steps that occur after the deletion are performed.

At this time, Resume Parsing is not supported for the Quick Apply application. Candidates will still need to complete all application fields on the Quick Apply screen even if a resume is uploaded.

Quick Apply Application Configuration

To enable the Quick Apply feature for any job requisition, a new standard field will need to be added to the respective job requisition XML. This field will create a switch on the job requisition template for permissioned Recruiting users to enable or disable the Quick Apply feature when creating the job requisition.

To configure the Quick Apply feature, proceed as follows:

  1. Add the ‘quickApply’ standard field to the respective JRDM.

    Code snippet
    <field-definition id="quickApply" type="bool" required="true" custom="false">
    <field-label><![CDATA[Quick Apply]]></field-label>
    <field-description><![CDATA[Quick Apply]]></field-description>
  2. Permission the ‘quickapply’ field to any recruiting operators who should be able to access the Quick Apply switch to enable or disable the Quick Apply feature when creating or reviewing the job requisition.

  3. Import the updated JRDM into Provisioning.

The Quick Apply field can now be automatically switched on for job requisitions using Business Rules. Applying Business Rules to the Quick Apply field on the job requisition can now streamline which positions (for example: for certain position types, positions in a specific country, and so on) use the Quick Apply feature.

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