Creating Offer Letter Templates


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Create offer letter templates

Offer Letters

When recruiters are ready to send that all-important offer letter, they do not want to start from scratch every time.

Offer letter templates for various types of jobs (for example, employee or intern) allow recruiters to send a letter quickly, with an attachment if necessary, that auto-populates some fields.

Offer letters are available when the candidate is in a status that triggers offer letter functionality, for example, Offer status.

Offer letters may be created from offer letter templates within Admin Center or written from scratch.

Users sending offer letters can choose from the following actions:

  • Email as PDF attachment

    • Offer letter uses offer letter templates

    • Email body uses recruiting email templates (at least one must be configured first)

  • Email as text

    • Email body uses offer letter templates

  • Print

    • System prompts the user to download the offer letter as a PDF, which can then be printed. The action is tracked in the Offer Letter Audit Trail portlet

  • Verbal Offer

    • No action taken by the system, but Verbal is tracked in the Offer Letter Audit Trail portlet

Offer Letter Template Creation

To begin creating offer letter templates, go to Admin CenterRecruitingManage Offer Letter Templates.

Manage Offer Letter Templates

  • To review existing offer letter templates, click the template name hyperlink.

  • To create a new template, click Create New Template. For this example, we will click Create New Template.

Manage Offer Letter Template: Add New Offer Letter Template

  1. Select the country and language (if multiple are enabled).

  2. Type in a Template Name.

  3. Enable the status so it may be used.

  4. Type in the Subject (this is the subject the candidate will see).

  5. Design the content of the message in the Body field and save the template.

Offer Letter: Tokens

Tokens are available for use in the Body area.
  • Tokens can pre-populate the offer letter with fields from other recruiting XML files.

  • Include tokens by clicking the icon with the little green plus sign, as shown in the figure, Offer Letter: Tokens.

The list appears and you may use as many tokens as needed. Select the radio button next to the token you would like to use and click OK.

Offer Letter Template Guidelines

You must do this even if the customer is only using English.
  • Ensure that the Language Packs checkbox is selected in Provisioning and that at least one language is selected.

  • When generating an offer letter, if the field a token is tied to is blank, the token code will display on the letter.

  • There is no limit to the number of offer letter templates that can be configured.

Role Based Permission for Offer Letters

You can enable Recruiting Offer Letter Template role-based permission that restricts which recruiting users can view and select specific offer letter templates by using Manage Recruiting Settings.

This is especially helpful for large customers who have hundreds of active offer letter templates for different hiring purposes. By restricting access to offer letters, you can ensure that the appropriate Recruiting roles have access to the offer letter templates they need (rather than accessing hundreds at a time.)

To enable role based permissions for offer letters, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Admin CenterManage Recruiting Settings.
  2. Go to the Offer Lettersection and select Enable Role-based Permissions for Offer Letter Templates.
  3. Select Save.

You can now set up permissions for offer letter templates. To assign role-based permissions to users for offer letters, navigate to Admin CenterManage Permission Roles, select the appropriate role and under User Permissions, you will see a new section for Recruiting Offer Letter Templates

Create an Offer Letter Template

Business Example

The offer approval xml template has been configured. Now it is time to decide what to say to the candidate in the offer letter. In this exercise, you will create an email template for offer letters.

Task 1: Enable Offer Letters in the JRDM


  1. In an XML editor, open the latest version of the JRDM.

    1. In Provisioning, navigate to Managing RecruitingImport/Update/Export Job Requisition Template and download the latest version of the JRDM to your hard drive.

    2. Open your XML editor and open the version of the JRDM that was downloaded.

  2. In the Offer status, verify the proper feature permission is enabled for Offer Letters and ensure that permissions are enabled for all roles currently being used on the requisition.

    1. Using Ctrl+F search for the offerLetter feature permission in the Offer status. If it does not yet exist, add the feature permission by referring to your course material.

    2. Ensure that permissions are enabled for all roles currently being used on the requisition.

  3. Import the updated JRDM if you made any changes.

Task 2: Create the email template in Admin Center


  1. Log in to the instance as an administrator.

  2. Navigate to Admin CenterManage Offer Letter Templates.

  3. Create an offer letter with the following requirements and text:

    • Set the Country to United States.

    • Give the template a name and set the status to Enabled.

    • For the subject and the body, refer to the text below. Use tokens for the fields in bold, using the icon labeled Insert Job Requisition Field.

    Subject: Please join the staff at Best Run!

    Dear Candidate,

    We are pleased to extend an offer for the position of Job Title reporting toHiring Manager.

    Your starting salary will be Salary / Salary Frequency, and you will be eligible for a bonus in the amount of Target Bonus Amount at the end of your first year.

    This offer is contingent upon passing the background check. Please respond no later than one week from today.



    Best Run Recruiting Department

    1. Select Create New Template.

    2. Enter the template name.

    3. Set the Country to United States.

    4. To make sure the template is enabled and can be used, select the Enable radio button.

    5. For the subject line and the body, enter the information provided in the exercise table. Use tokens for the fields in bold, using the icon labeled Insert Job Requisition Field.

  4. Save the template.

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