Creating Recruiting Groups


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Create the recruiting group for the recruiting team

Recruiting Groups for Recruiting Teams

Recruiting groups can be used creatively to control operator functionalities. Previously, you have learned how recruiting groups can be used to control which users can be selected as a role on the job requisition template. This helps to reduce the error of selecting the wrong user as a recruiting operator on the requisition.

In contrast, recruiting groups can be used to help expand the operator role by creating a Recruiting team. In some cases, there may not be one recruiter that is responsible for the lifecycle of a job requisition, but a team of fifteen recruiters. Configuring a recruiting team on the job requisition helps the system to provide the required recruiting permissions to the entire team of recruiters, instead of an individual.

Using recruiting groups, we can identify the people pool of users who should belong to the recruiting team. The way we configure the recruiting group is the same, but instead of applying the group to an operator field, you will associate the group with the recruiting team settings.

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