Creating the Standard Job Requisition


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Create a job requisition.

Job Requisition Creation

Your client wants to create a job requisition. The following steps show how to achieve this task:

Create a Job Requisition: Initial Steps

  1. To open the Job Requisition listing page, in your SAP SuccessFactors instance, from the Home menu, select Recruiting.

  2. On the Job Requisitions page, click Create New.

Requisition Creation Options

To finalize your requisition creation, follow these steps:

  1. If there is more than one job requisition, select the job requisition you want to create.

  2. Choose the option you want to use to create your requisition:

    • Copy Existing Job Requisition: Use this option to reuse a similar requisition when you are hiring for a similar position.

    • Browse "Families & Roles": Use this option to pull in pre-set competencies based on your selection.

    • Create New Job Requisition From Blank Template: Use this option to create a blank template, without any pre-populated data.

Requisition Information

In this section, you will learn how to enter job details to the job requisition.

Enter Job Details: Initial Steps

  1. On the Create New Job Requisition page, enter the title. Enter the users who will perform the roles that are part of the route map.

    • The roles that display here are the roles listed on the route map. This is regardless of the XML template.

    • Unless Teams or Groups were pre-set, you can enter any user in the system in the role fields.

    • Other roles, that are not part of the workflow, are added directly to the requisition.

    • Due Date represents the approval date, and is pre-populated based on form template settings.

  2. Click Next.

  3. Complete the requisition fields.

    All required fields are marked with a red asterisk. To continue to the next step, you must complete all required fields.

Job Details: Competencies and Questions

Depending on your permissions, you can add competencies or questions.

  • Each applicant is asked questions specific to the requisition. You can also use these questions as automatic disqualifying or knockout questions.

  • Competencies are used when interviewing candidates and for gathering feedback.

Job Requisition Routing

Before posting, job requisitions must be approved.

Route a Job Requisition for Approval

Keep in mind the following points before routing job requisitions for approval:

  • Complete all requisition fields that have a red asterisk, and other relevant fields where the information is known.

  • Until the route map is completed, the requisition is in the pre-approved status, and pre-approved permissions apply to all roles in the workflow.


    It is best practice to use the advanced options within the route map to clearly label buttons and steps, for each role and user in the requisition.

View from the To Do List

When logged in as each person in the workflow, you can access the requisition from the To Do list or by navigating to HomeRecruiting and finding the requisition that requires action.

Job Requisition Approval

  • Once the requisition is completed, the system status shows as approved.

  • Permissions for the approved status apply and you can post the requisition.

  1. To show only requisitions in the pre-approved status, click the requisition system status dropdown menu to limit the view.

  2. Filter requisitions or choose display options as required. For example, you might want to work on requisitions that are due on a certain date.

  3. Select the title of the requisition that you want to approve. This opens the requisition and allows you to edit fields. You can also enter additional details as required and according to the granted permissions.

  4. To mass-approve requisitions, check the boxes next to the job requisition titles, and click the Approve button.

The Approved Status

In the figure, The Approved Status, you can see many fields are still editable in the approved system status.


It is best practice for recruiters to choose the appropriate status in the Status field for reporting purposes. For example, recruiters can select the field status Open when the requisition is in the approved system status. System statuses and the Status dropdown menu on the requisition are two different things.

Create the Standard Job Requisition

Business Example

In this exercise, you will create a job requisition.


For consistency in training, please use the following users for any exercises involving the following roles:

  • Originator (O): Anyone who has permission to create job requisitions

  • Recruiter (R): Paula Price

  • Hiring Manager (G): Ian Iverson (Hiring Manager’s Manger (GM) is David Drew)

  • Recruiting Team

  • HR Manager (S): Keep this field blank for now

Task 1: Create a Job Requisition


  1. Log in or proxy as a user with permission to create job requisitions.

    Resource: If you have not loaded a requisition, or you do not have users with permission to create the requisition, refer to the Enable the Standard Job Requisition exercise.

    1. Log in or proxy to Provisioning as administrator, member of Staffing group or Manager.

  2. Navigate to HomeRecruiting.

  3. Click the Create New button.

  4. Select the option Corporate Job Requisition from Select Job Requisitions Template.

  5. Select the option Create New Job Requisition From Blank Template.

  6. For Internal Job Title enter Principal Consultant.

  7. Click Next.

Task 2: Enter the Job Details


  1. Complete all mandatory fields on the requisition using the following information.

    1. For the Status field, select Pending Approval.

    2. For Job Start Date enter a date a month in the future.

    3. For Internal Job Description, click the Update button and enter the following text: Principal consultants work directly with clients to evaluate business needs and opportunities, create project proposals, and advise clients on technology solutions. Principal consultants must be up-to-date with current market trends to ensure that the business adapts to industry changes.


    Note that this field remains open while you continue to complete the other fields.

    1. For External Job Description, click Same as Internal.

    2. For Internal Job Description Header, select Add Header and Footer Content.

    3. For Travel Required, select Up to 50%.

    4. For Function, select Consulting.

    5. For Questions and Competencies, no action is required for now.

    6. For Facility, select Denver Central Business District.

    7. For Location, select US-Denver (US_DEN_CBD).

    8. For Onsite or Remote, select Onsite.

    9. For Country of Job, select United States (US).

    10. For Number of Openings, enter 1.

    11. For Legal Entity, select Best Run.

    12. For Business Unit, select Services.

    13. For Division, select Consulting.

    14. For Department, select Strategy Consulting.

    15. For Full / Part Time, select Full Time.

    16. For Job Level, select 3.

    17. For Budgeted, select Yes.

    18. For Currency, select USD.

    19. For Salary Min, enter 150,000.

    20. For Salary Max, enter 200,000.

    21. For Salary Frequency, select Yearly.

    22. For Hiring Team Information, refer to the Recruiting Roles table.

    23. Select Send to Next Step.

    24. Select Send to Next Step.

  2. After sending the requisition to completion, check its system status by, as the recruiter, navigating to HomeRecruiting.

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