Enabling the Employee Referral Process


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Configure the employee referral field in the job requisition
  • Enable employee referral program settings
  • Create employee referral email notifications and triggers

Employee Referral Program Enablement in Provisioning

To enable the program in Provisioning navigate to: Company SettingsEnable Employee Referral Program.

Note that the feature is enabled for the entire instance, so it is not possible to set which job requisition should be eligible for referral and which are not. The workaround for this scenario can be:

  1. Configure one JRDM template with referral bonus field with the Field ID=erpAmount versus without this field on the other JRDM template.
  2. Enter or default 0 in the referral bonus field on one of the JRDM template.
  3. Restrict the ability refer to only certain set of your employees in Enable Employee Referral in Admin Center by using RBP.

Employee Referral Role Based Permissions for Administrators

To enable Employee Referral role-based permissions for admins, proceed as follows:

  1. Navigate to AdminManage Permission RolePermissionsAdministrator Permission.
  2. Make sure that the relevant roles have the following permissions:
    • Employee Referral Program Setup
    • Manage Recruiting Email Templates
    • Set up Email Templates
    • Enable Email Triggers
    • Edit Applicant Status Configuration

Employee Referral Role Based Permissions for Employees

To allow employees to use the Employee Referral program, you must provide the employee role with one of the following for employee referral permissions for adding candidate (pool and job specific) – allow the user to permission only certain employees access to the general pool and/or job specific referrals. If selected, only the employees with the RBP permission will have access to the refer a friend action.

Applicant Status Level Settings

Both the status triggered emails and the referrer facing status labels and next step text are setup in AdminEdit Applicant Status Configuration Set by selecting status set then selecting the status within to update and configuring the ERP related options including the label, next step text, and selecting the email template you would like to send to the referrer at this step and then saving.

It is recommended to enable this program in the following statuses:

  • Forwarded
  • Default
  • At least in first In Progress status
  • All disquality statuses

Remember that any email template that should be assigned here has to be configured in Manage Recruiting Email Templates first.

Important: The percent complete calculations seen on the employee’s referral tracking screen are based on the In Progress statuses set to ‘show this status to the referrer’ so a customer may want to only set first required In Progress status to viewable as this will continue to display until the next visible status is reached. As long as you don’t show the onboard status that visible to referrer the first hire status will show as 100% complete.

Employee Referral Functionality in Admin Center

Employee Referral functionality parameters can be configured by accessing Admin CenterSet Up Employee Referral Program.

Ownership Options

Employee Referral Program ownership options include the following:

  • Ownership by Requisition for Employee Referral Program
  • Ownership by Duration for Employee Referral Program

Ownership by Requisition for Employee Referral Program

  • If this ownership setting is selected, the ownership of the employee referral is applicable only to the job which the referee is being referred to.
  • This ownership setting allows a single referee to be referred to multiple jobs by more than one employee.
  • This setting also means that referees who are referred to the general candidate pool and are not associated to a job requisition are not owned by any employee.
  • Especially relevant if a customer doesn’t plan to allow general profile referrals

Ownership by Duration for Employee Referral Program

  • Employee shall maintain ownership over a referral for [N] days.
  • This means for the specified duration of time; the referee is owned by the employee who has submitted them on any job which the referee applies or is submitted to.
  • This selection also means that the referee can only be owned by one employee at a time during the duration of time.
  • Recommended is setting the duration to the longest country specific retention period company is using. This way the employee will be associated to the referred candidate throughout their life in the system.

Program Information

A summary description of a referral program which will appear at the top of the Referral Tracking page should be written here. The description is limited to 300 characters. Hyperlinks to the full description on company corporate intranet page/portal can be included. Any URL added automatically opens a new window.

Text can be translated into other languages.

General Options

  • Hide Resume for Employee Referrals and Require Resume for Employee Referral – these two options allow the user to hide, show, and/or require the resume section of the referral submission wizard. It is recommended to check with the customer legal team to confirm what option is best to meet their interpretation of recruiting compliance legislation in the regions they recruit in.
  • Disable Add general referral – this option removes the ability to add general profile referrals and the corresponding button on the tracking page.
  • Disable Referral Amount on referral – this option disables the earning potential calculator and remove the erp bonus amounts display on the overall referral progress section of the tracking page.
    • Earning Potential shows the Employee Referral amount sum of all referrals a user has made.
    • If an employee makes referrals to jobs with different currencies, the sum for each currency is displayed separately. For example, if a referral was made in both dollars and euros, two separate entries for each currency appear. Up to five separate currencies can be displayed. This is not configurable.
User can also change almost any standard label on the tracking page by using manage language functionality.

Creation of Email Templates for the Employee Referral Program

For the Employee Referral program to be fully functional, these two notifications have to be set up and assigned to their corresponding triggering events:

  • Employee Referral Program Candidate referred to a job requisition (existing candidate)
  • Employee Referral Program Candidate referred to a job requisition (new candidate)

These email notifications are sent to the candidates when they are referred to a job requisition. There are separate triggers available for new (logged to the system for the first time) and existing (already has account created) candidates.

We also recommend enabling the following notification:

  • Employee Referral Program Candidate added to General pool notification

This email notification is sent to the candidate in case that candidate is added to general pool.

Tokens Specific to Employee Referral

When enabling Employee Referral email triggers notifications, the following special email tokens can be used:

  • [[RECRUITING_CANDIDATE_FULLNAME]] - use this to populate candidate full name. This token is relevant only for ERP triggers.
  • [RECRUITING_JOB_EXTERNAL_TITLE]] − pulls in the job requisition external title and must be used instead of the regular requisition title token as the email is triggered by the action of an employee but is going to an external candidate.
  • [RECRUITING_ERP_REFERREE_NAME]] − employee’s Full Name. This token is relevant only for ERP triggers.
  • [[RECRUITING_ERP_JOBREFERRAL_URL]] − this token resolves as a URL for the referred candidate to access the job they are referred to. If this is a new candidate, the user will go to password reset first.
  • [[RECRUITING_ERP_GENERAL_POOL_URL]] - this token should be used if a customer allows referral to general candidate pool. If this is a new candidate, the user will go to password reset first.
  • [[SIGNATURE]] − The text only signature configured in Admin ToolsE-mail Notification Template SettingsEmail Signature.

Important: Do not forget that to enable email triggers, you need to configure the email template in Manage Recruiting Email Templates.

If you need more information on how to configure email triggers, please review the relevant content.

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