Increasing Recruiting Efficiency with Generative AI


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Create job descriptions with AI
  • Prepare interview questions with AI

Job Descriptions with AI

The SAP SuccessFactors suite offers the following solutions where embedded generative AI can be introduced into the recruiting process to create greater efficiency and a user-centric experience.  

Generative AI can help recruiters create more inclusive, high-quality job descriptions that more accurately reflect their hiring needs. By using the generative AI functionality for job descriptions, recruiters can be provided with industry-specific keywords and phrases, which will help improve the visibility of their requisitions when advertising their job postings. 

An object is available within Manage Data, allowing more control over how the Job Description is built using generative AI. In configuring the Recruiting Fields for AI Enhanced Job Description, the desired fields on the job requisition can be added to the object. The data in these fields will be used as context by AI to generate a more customized job description for the Recruiting user. 

Prerequisites to Use AI in Job Descriptions

The requirements for the configuration of AI for job descriptions are:

  • The customer has an SAP AI Unit license.
  • The AI-Assisted HXM Content Generator option is enabled in Provisioning

To Configure AI for an AI-Enhanced Job Description:

  1. Configure the job requisition fields you want to use to help generate the job description in the Recruiting Fields for AI Enhanced Job Description object in Manage Data tool.
  2. In Admin CenterManage Recruiting SettingsJob Requisitionselect Enable AI-Assisted Job Description Enhancement.

Interview Questions with AI and Interview Evaluations in Microsoft Teams

The Microsoft Teams integration provides hiring managers and interviewers with a better user experience, helping interviewers become more prepared and efficient during their interviews.

Using the Microsoft Teams integration, interviewers can now generate interview questions on the spot based on the job description in the job requisition by using generative AI capabilities. Interviewers are prompted by the SAP bot 24 hours prior to their interview with the candidate’s information and the ability to generate interview questions to help them prepare.

Once the interview is completed, the SAP bot prompts the interviewer to evaluate the applicant in Microsoft Teams after the interview has been completed by using the competencies and skills listed in the job requisition. The interviewer can rate each competency and skill in Microsoft Teams, provide an overall rating, and send the feedback, which is then sent and stored in Interview Central.

All of these interview activities can be completed without logging into the SAP SuccessFactors suite.

Prerequisites to Use AI in Job Interviews

The requirements for the configuration of AI for interviews are:

  • The customer has an SAP AI Unit license.
  • The AI-Assisted HXM Content Generator option is enabled in Provisioning
  • The integration between SAP SuccessFactors and Microsoft 365 in the Work Tech Configuration is complete
  • Interview Scheduling with Microsoft Teams has been configured and enabled

Enable the following options in the Admin CenterInterviews in Microsoft Teams SuccessFactors Application to configure AI for Interview Questions:

  • Enable Interview Alerts in Microsoft Teams
  • Enable AI Assisted Interview Question Generation
  • Enable Interview Assessment in Microsoft Teams

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