Managing Offer Processes


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Manage pending offers
  • Generate mass offers
  • Send job offer letters
  • Enable online offers
  • Generate online offers
  • Generate online offers with DocuSign

Offer Approval Launch

Approvers receive an email letting them know they have an offer to approve. Approvers may click the link in the email to go directly to the approval in the system.

Alternatively, approvers may simply log in to SAP SuccessFactors and click the link from their home page To-Do list.

Offer Approvals Link in the Recruiting Section

Approvers who have a role in recruiting (for example, Recruiters, Hiring Managers) may also access approvals from the Offer Approvals link on the Job Requisitions list page.

Filtering Offers Approvals Results

Using the With Me link, you can further filter pending approvals by those awaiting approval from the logged-in user.

Offer Approval: Comments

The approver may add comments and then either approve or decline the offer.

Offer Approval: Confirmation

  • Offer approvers will approve in the order by which they are listed.

  • Once approved, a confirmation notice displays, and the next person in the workflow receives a notice.

To Do List

The user can check the status of the approval process in one of the following ways:

  • On the Home page, in the To-Do portlet

Offer Approvals via Recruiting

  • Access details through RecruitingOffer Approvals.

Reassign Offer Approval

For many of the same situations that may occur with the approval of requisitions, the ability to reassign active offer approvals can be useful. An Admin Center tool, Reassign Offer Approvals, may be permissioned via RBP. The feature may only reassign a user who is currently assigned to the Offer Approval workflow step.

Example: The VP of Staffing is out of the office and the offer approval has been assigned. The VP may delegate a new user to be reassigned to the active offer approvals.

The configuration steps are as follows:

  1. Reassign Offer Approvals must be permissioned via Admin CenterManage Permission RolesManage RecruitingReassign Offer Approvals.

  2. Access of the tool is found in Admin CenterRecruitingReassign Offer Approvals.

Offer approval reassignment can be done in Admin Center.

Recruiting Email Triggers

Automatic notifications can also be generated. Create an email template and then set up an email trigger to notify them.


Email triggers are covered in a different unit.

If the offer was declined during the offer approval process, offer approval originators can cancel the offer before the job requisition is closed. Once the offer is cancelled during the approval process, the action also removes the corresponding To Do list item from users’ To Do list.

If the job requisition is reopened, rejected offers appear for the originator; however, if the rejected offer is explicitly cancelled, then such offers are not considered when the job requisition is reopened.

Offer Approval Preview Version

Users can compare the data from a previous version of an offer approval to the new version to see what has changed.

Mass Offer Approval

With SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting, users are now able to create offers in mass quantities. This helps to streamline the hiring process for positions where multiple candidates are being hired for the same position.

Mass offer approvals must first be enabled through Admin Center: Admin CenterManage Recruiting SettingsEnable Mass Offer Approval To.

Mass offer approvals are triggered from Candidate Offers page screen: RecruitingJob RequisitionOffers.

From this page, you can filter candidates based on Offer Status (Not started, All, Draft, Pending, Completed, Cancelled, and Declined) as well as Requisition Template Name (contains all active job requisition templates), Candidate Type (internal or external), or Job Title.

You can view all eligible candidates to create offers for across different job requisitions created from different job requisition templates.

The feature also allows recruiter or hiring managers edit, decline, cancel, or create new offer versions for multiple offers when they select multiple candidates at one time.

Once you select the candidate for action, you are asked to confirm locale and offer template to be used. You can select up to 30 candidates for mass action from this screen. Select Continue to move to the Offer Details page.

On the Offer Details page, you can select one of the candidates to view offer details. From the dropdown menu on the right, you can select if you want to approve offer for the one candidate, all candidates or decline the offer.

Sending of Offer Letters

Once an offer is approved, it is time to extend the offer letter.

Sending an Offer Letter

  • Usually the Offer status in the pipeline is configured for this feature too, but it could be a status called Offer Letter, if the customer wants a separate status from the Offer Approval.

  • The appropriate (permissioned) role (usually the recruiter), may initiate the Offer Letter by selecting this option in the dropdown menu.

Offer Letter is Generated

  • The offer letter is generated and data is populated from the selected template.  You may modify the letter and attach documents to be completed by the candidate.

  • Once completed, click the Next Step button.

The offer letter can also be saved as a draft and re-edited at a later time.

Send Offer

  • Choose to send the offer by email (as text or as a PDF attachment), or verbally, or by printing a hard copy, or by sending the offer online (this last option is not shown in the figure, Send Offer).

Email Offer Letter as PDF

  • If you select the email option, you will see the preview on the next page.

  • Click the Send button and the offer is on its way.

To use email as PDF attachment, you must first have created a Recruiting Email Template to which you attach the PDF.

Online Offer Configuration

In addition to verbal and email offers, offers can also be extended online.

Online Offer

These offer letters are sent to a secure online portal and candidates can log in and accept or decline, or ask a question.

To configure an online offer, navigate to Admin CenterManage RecruitingManage Recruiting SettingsOffer Letter. The following options are available:

  • Select the Allow candidates to accept offers online option by selecting the relevant checkbox.

  • Optional: Select the Allow candidates to email job requisition operator checkbox.

Online Offer Generation

To access the online offer email template, navigate to Admin CenterManage Recruiting Email Templates.

Online Offer Email Template

  • Create a new template and include the following token: [[CANDIDATE_OFFER_URL]]

  • This email is sent to the candidate to provide them with a link to accept the offer in a secure online portal.

  • Specifically, the link takes candidate directly to My Offers in their Career portal.

Offer Letter: Cc and Bcc

You can add additional email addresses in the Cc: and Bcc: text boxes in online email templates. This functionality must first be enabled in Admin CenterRecruiting Email Templates. Refer to the Recruiting Email Templates section in Module 5 for more information on this topic.

Online Offer Option

  • Once the Offer has been approved, you may send it to the candidate.

  • Choose your standard offer letter template for the offer letter and then send to the Next Step.

  • Use the Online Offer option and select the email template created for this feature, which has the following token: [[CANDIDATE_OFFER_URL]].

Online Offer: Next Button

  • To submit the offer, click Next.

To send an online offer, you must first have created a Recruiting email template to which you attach the online offer.

Online Offer Cancellation

Once the offer has been generated, it is possible to cancel the offer.

Online Offer: Cancel

Edit Email Trigger

Relevant email triggers can be set up and sent to specified recipients.

Online Offer Candidate View

Any online offer is accessible through the account of the candidate.

The candidate can view details of the offer, accept it, decline it, or email the recruiter.

Online Offer Notification Emails

There are a variety of email triggers available to facilitate the online offer process.

The setup of email triggers is covered in another unit.

Online Offer With an eSignature

It is possible to send an online offer that requires an eSignature. To leverage the eSignature functionality, you need to have a DocuSign account or contract established.

Online Offer with eSignature

  • A direct link to the offer letter can be included in the email. The token is [[CANDIDATE_OFFER_URL]].

  • Recruiters are warned if they try to create an online offer letter for a candidate who already has one for another job at the company.

Candidate Online Offer With an eSignature

The candidate receives an email from the DocuSign system requesting an eSignature.

Email from DocuSign

My Offers Tab

  • Once the candidate successfully signs into the Careers site, they are brought directly to the My Offers tab to that specific online offer.

Accept and eSign

When the candidate views their online offer, they can see an option to Accept & eSign with an eSignature. They also have options to Decline Offer or Email Recruiter.

Upon clicking Accept & eSign the DocuSign dialog box is launched.

The candidate is then shown a disclosure statement (configurable by the client within DocuSign administration).

The candidate can select three options as follows:

  • Review Document

    • Candidate can choose to review the document and sign

  • Decline

    • Updates eSignature status to "Declined by Candidate"

  • Finish Later

    • Candidate can return to the My Offers tab and initiate the eSignature process at a later date, if they choose to do so.

Adopt your Signature

  • After choosing Review Document, the candidate is asked to choose their signature.

Once candidates choose their signature, they are asked to sign and complete the document.

Candidates can view list of offers through the My Offers tab once signed in to the Career site.

In summary, the offer functionality allows for a quick and easy process to add whoever needs to approve the offer, receive approval on the offer, and then extend an offer letter to a candidate.

For more information, please visit the Resources section of the SAP Jam group/Learning Room for the Recruiting Management course.

Approve an Offer and Send the Offer Letter

Business Example

The last steps in the offer process are to receive approval on the offer and extend the offer to the candidate. This exercise leads you through the approval process and the process of sending the offer letter.

Task 1: Demonstrate the Approval Process


  1. Log in as the recruiter.

    1. Log in to your instance as the administrator and proxy as the recruiter. Navigate to Recruiting.

  2. Open a requisition which has candidates in the Interview status.

    1. Find an approved requisition that has candidates in the Interview status. Open a candidate detail screen.

  3. Move a candidate to the Prepare Offer status.

    1. Identify a candidate and move them to the Preapare Offer status by dragging and dropping them into the status.

    If any recruiting role is not able to move candidate to selected status within the talent pipeline, review status permissions in Applicant Status Configuration
  4. Create an Offer Approval. Notice the fields that are populated on the requisition or application are pre-populated on the offer approval. Enter values for the remaining fields.

    If values are not entered, tokens used on the offer letter will populate with the token key instead of the respective values.
    1. Open the candidate details.

    2. Navigate to Take ActionOfferOffer Approval

    3. From Select Offer Template field select one of the templates

    4. Select the template from the dropdown menu to display the fields configured in the previous exercise.

    5. Notice the fields that are populated on the requisition or application are pre-populated on the Offer Approval. Enter values for the remaining fields.

  5. Notice the users that have been pre-populated based on the approval workflow in the Offer XML.

    1. Scroll down the Approvers area of the screen.

  6. Add at least one additional ad-hoc approver.

  7. Move the ad-hoc approver into the second approver position.

    1. Using the up and down arrows that appear to the right of the name of the approvers, move the ad-hoc approver into the second approver position.

  8. Save the Offer Details and Send for approval.

  9. Complete the approval process, logging in as each approver. Practice adding a comment and rejecting the offer by the first approver. Edit the offer until it is acceptable to all approvers.

    1. Proxy as the first approver and approve the offer. You can select this from the To-Do list on the home page.

    2. Practice adding a comment and rejecting the offer by the first approver.

      This sends the offer approval back to the initiator (the recruiter).

    3. Proxy in as the recruiter, edit the offer, and send the updated version for approval.

    4. Repeat until the offer is acceptable to all approvers.

    5. Proxy as the recruiter and go to Offer Approvals from the Recruiting page.

  10. Review the completed offer approval as the recruiter.

Task 2: Send an Offer Letter to a Candidate


  1. Log in as the recruiter and generate an offer letter for the candidate in the previous steps.

    1. As the recruiter, go to the candidate for whom an offer was approved.

    2. Move candidate to Offer Ready - Extend to Candidate

    3. Open the candidate details and find the Offer button again.

    4. Choose Offer Letter.

    5. Select the template from the dropdown menu in the Templatefield.

  2. To verify all token fields are populated, click Next Step (or Preview).

    1. To see the tokens populated with information from the requisition, application, candidate profile, or offer details, select Preview.

  3. Send the offer letter to the candidate as text in an email.

    It is best practice to email the offer letter as a PDF attachment, but we have not yet created a separate recruiting email template to supplement an attached offer letter.
  4. As the candidate, review the offer letter.

    1. Check your email inbox for the email just sent with the offer. Review the letter.

  5. As the recruiter, open the candidate’s summary page and review the Offer Letter portlet.

    1. Return to the instance and return to the candidate’s details. Scroll down and find the Offer Letter portlet. Notice the letter you just sent is listed.

    The offer process is complete!

Task 3: Optional: Configure the Online Offer Feature


  1. Navigate to Admin CenterManage Recruiting Email TemplatesCreate New Template.

    • Template Name: Create a name of your choosing

    • Subject: Your Offer of Employment

    • Status: Enabled

    • Body: Use the content provided in the box below and insert tokens in place of the bold text:

    Dear Candidate,

    We are excited to extend an offer of employment to you for the position of Job Title. Please login to your Company Career Portal to view and accept the offer, by clicking the link below. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, please fill free to reach out to me directly.




    Recruiter, Best Run

    1. Create a new email template by selecting Create New Template.

    2. Use the information provided in the exercise to configure the online offer.

      Use tokens for the fields in bold. To add a token and display the list of available tokens, use the Insert Job Requisition Field button on the toolbar (to the right of the Source button). Find the appropriate token, select the radio button, and choose OK.
  2. To create the email template, click Save Changes.

Task 4: Optional: Generate an Online Offer for a Candidate


  1. Log in or proxy as the recruiter.

    1. Log in as the administrator and proxy as the recruiter. Navigate to Recruiting and find a requisition with candidates.

    2. View the Candidate Summary page for that requisition.

  2. Move a candidate that is linked to your email address to the Offer status.

    1. Select a candidate and drag and drop it to the Offer status.

  3. From the Take Action menu, select Offer Letter.

  4. Select an appropriate template from the available offer letter templates list.

  5. Review the text and press Next Steps.

  6. Confirm that all tokens have populated properly. Select Online Offer.

  7. Select Online Offer - US Job. Make sure that this template contains tokens to the candidate online offer. Press Next.

    If you are not able to select any template, review the permissions in Manage Permissions Roles→ R\RoleRecruiting Email Templates and select Select All
  8. Review the available text. Make sure that all tokens have properly populated and press Send.

Task 5: Optional: Sign in as a Candidate and Accept the Offer.


  1. Find the email sent to the candidate and click the View/Accept Offer... link.

    1. Check your email inbox and find the email sent to the candidate.

    2. Select the View/Accept Offer... link.

  2. Sign in to the Careers portal as the candidate with the appropriate credentials and select My Offers from the Careers menu.

    This tab only appears when an offer has been sent.

  3. Explore My Offers:

    • Email Recruiter: this email is the operator you chose in Admin Center under Manage Recruiting Settings.

    • Decline Offer: this allows the candidate to leave a comment (required) as to why they are declining.

    • Notice the status of the offer is pending. At the bottom of the page, you will find that the Offer History also states it is pending.

    • Accept the offer!

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