Using the Agency Portal in SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Post to agencies
  • Use the agency portal

Agency Posting Process

Posting to an agency is similar to internal and external posting.

Once all the configuration is completed, the user can post the job to agency portal by completing the following steps:

  1. Select RecruitingJob Requisition Page, choose the job you want to post, and select Job Posting.
  2. In the Agency Listing section, click Add Agencies.
  3. From the list of the available agencies, select the agency you would like to post the job to. Add Start and End Date. Note that you can select more than one agency at the same time.
  4. Click Post Jobs. The job will be available on the Agency Portal immediately.

Agency Portal

Each agency user will need the following information to log in to the Agency Portal:

  • Company ID
  • AgencyID
  • User Email
  • Password

The password can be changed when the user tries to log in for the first time. If enabled, a notification will be sent to each newly created agency user.

In the Agency Portal, a user can do the following:

  • Select the locale of the page content.
  • Click the Setting icon to do the following:
    • Enable Send me email alerts for new Jobs Posted to receive mail notifications when new jobs are posted to the agency.
    • Configure the Personal Accessibility Settings.
    • Reset password.
  • Log out from the Agency Access portal.

The tabs in the Agency Portal include Job Listings and Candidates.

Agency Portal: Job Listings Tab

The Job Listings tab on the Agency Access page displays all the jobs that are posted to an agency on the left pane. The details of the selected job along with the Requisition ID, the Posting Start Date and, the Posting End Date of the job are displayed on the right pane.

From the Job Listings page, the user can perform the following:

  • Enter the Job Title in the Search field and search for a specific job requisition. Alternatively, use the scroll bar to view all the jobs that are posted to the agency.
  • Sort the jobs based on Job Title, Requisition ID, Posting Start Date, and Posting End Date by clicking the arrow icon.
  • View the recruiter information, for example, name, phone number, and email, next to the job Posting End Date column on the Job Listings page.
  • Select the radio button to view the sort results in Ascending or Descending order.
  • Submit a new candidate or an existing candidate to a job posted on this page by clicking the three dots icon.
  • View the comments added by the recruiting user for a job posting by clicking the chat icon.

Agency Portal: Candidates Tab

The Candidates tab on the Agency Access page displays all the candidates that have been forwarded to a job requisition. On the right, you can see the details of the selected candidate. A grid displays a list of jobs associated with that candidate with Requisition ID, Job Title, and Status.

The Created On information displays the date when the agency user created the first record of a candidate submission for a job. The Forwarded On column displays to the agency user the date when the candidate for the requisition was forwarded.

From the Candidates page, you can:

  • Search for a specific candidate by providing the candidate name in the Search field. Alternatively, the user can use the scroll bar to view all the candidates that are forwarded to a job requisition. Ensure to search for a candidate with either the first name or the last name. Searching with both first name and last name isn’t supported.

  • Sort the candidates based on the Candidate Name and candidate Created On date by clicking the arrow icon. User can sort the result in Ascending or Descending order by selecting the radio button.

Candidate Submission

Candidates can be submitted to the specific job requisition from the Job Listings page.

To submit a candidate, proceed as follows:

  1. Select the job to which you would like to submit the candidate.
  2. On the right side, click the 3 dots icon and select if you want to submit the new or existing candidate.
  3. Complete the information and submit.

Once the candidate is submitted, the user can see the details in the Candidates tab including the progress through the statuses.

The Recruiting user will see the submitted candidate in the Forwarded status in the Candidate Workbench.

Enable and Configure Agency Functionality

Business Example

Agencies can provide a helpful resource for broadening the visibility of posted jobs to a wider audience. In this exercise, you will configure the agency functionality and post the job to the agency portal.

Task 1: Enable Agency Functionality in Provisioning


  1. Verify the proper setting is turned on in the Recruiting V2 Application area of ProvisioningCompany Settings. Select the following options:

    • Enable Recruitment Agency Access

    • Enable Posting to Specific Agencies, if you want to select individual agencies.

    1. Log in to Provisioning and navigate to Company Settings.

    2. Verify that the Enable Recruitment Agency Access option is selected in the Recruiting V2 Application area.

  2. Save changes if necessary.

Task 2: Configure Agency Fields in the JRDM


  1. Open the latest version of your JRDM_RCM (Hourly Job Requisition) template in an XML editor.

    1. Log in to Provisioning and navigate to Managing RecruitingImport/Update/Export Job Requisition Template.

    2. Download the latest version of the JRDM to your computer.

    3. Open your XML editor and open the JRDM file you just downloaded.

  2. Verify the proper field for posting jobs to agencies is on the JRDM and properly permissioned.

    Ensure that at least one role can "write" to the field during the Approved status. You may use the same existing permissions for internal and external posting as a reference if desired.

    1. Check to see if the JRDM has the appropriate agency posting field definitions added (should have been added in a previous exercise).

    2. Check the permissions for the agencyPosting field definition. Make sure that at least one role can "write" to this field in Approved status. (You may use the same existing permissions for internal and external posting as a reference if desired).

  3. If changes were made, save the JRDM with a new name and validate it against the DTD.

  4. Import the updated JRDM to Provisioning.

    1. Return to Provisioning and import the updated JRDM.

    2. Browse for the file and select Import.

Task 3: Grant Permission to Manage Agencies in Admin Center


  1. Navigate to Admin CenterManage Permission RolesManage Recruiting.

  2. Verify that the administrator has permission to set up agency access.

    1. Check if Set Up Agency Access is enabled.

    2. If changes were made, save them.

Task 4: Create a new Agency in Admin Center


  1. Navigate to Admin CenterSet Up Agency Access.

    1. Complete the information for a new agency.

    2. Enter an Agency ID, Agency Name, Address, and Phone information as well as an Email Address.

      • Agency ID: BestRunStaffing
      • Agency Name: Best Run Staffing
      • Agency Country/Region: United States
      • Address and Phone: 112 Hudson Yards, New York, NY, 11901
      • Email Address: [enter your email]
    3. Enable external agency portal access by checking the Access checkbox.

    4. Enter the duration for candidate ownership for new candidates as 180 days.

      • This is how long the agency can claim ownership over a candidate.
      • This is if your configuration setting in Provisioning is for duration instead of length of requisition.
    5. Enter the duration for candidate self-ownership as 14 days.

      • A candidate can "own themselves" and cannot be submitted by an agency for a set time period.
      • This time period restarts every time a candidate applies to a job and, if no jobs have been applied to, continues to use the date the candidate created their account.
      If you encounter an error upon saving, be sure that there are no spaces after the entries (this can commonly occur if copying and pasting values in).
    6. Click the Change Language dropdown menu to select another language for which to enter text.

    7. If desired, enter Duplication Message text. If the submitted candidate already exists, text notification to the agency about duplication.

    8. Enter Agreement Text. This is the agreement between the agency and customer: The agency may own candidates who are referred for specific job requisitions for a total of 180 days. The agency will be paid 25% of base compensation once the candidate has been on the job for 30 days.

    9. Enter any additional reference notes.

    10. Click Save.

  2. Add an agency user.

    1. Click the Add new user link and create a new user for yourself with your contact information.

    2. Enter the Email Address and Name information.

    3. Select the Active checkbox to enable this agency user.

    4. Enter any additional notes.

    5. Click Save.

    6. If you select Reset Password, a password reset email will trigger to the agency user.

    7. Click Save once more on the main Agency Access page.

    Once a new Agency user has been created, they will receive an email to the email address provided with a Welcome email to create their password and with the details needed to log-in to the Agency Portal for the first time. The duration of link expiration is set to 1 day by default and cannot be edited. When completing this exercise, ensure you are using an email address where you can receive the Welcome email and log-in to the Agency portal to test viewing requisitions and submit candidates.

Task 5: Test Agency Access Login


  1. After creating an agency user with your contact information, you will receive a welcome email with the details needed to log in to the Agency Portal. You will need the following login credentials:

    1. Company ID: Enter your Company ID; for example: SFEDU00001 (or similar).

    2. Agency ID: Enter BestRunStaffing.

    3. User Email: Enter user email as defined in the previous task.

    4. Password: Enter a password that you have created.

Task 6: Update Application Status Setting


  1. Navigate to AdminEdit Applicant Status Configuration.

  2. Select the Status Set that you want to update.

  3. Click Forwarded Status.

  4. Update information related to agency.

  5. Scroll down to the Agency User section.

  6. Under Select Template, look for the email notification that you would like to send to agency user once the candidate is successfully submitted to the job requisition.

Task 7: Post a Job Requisition to an Agency


  1. Log in to your training instance as a recruiter or another role that has agency posting permission.

  2. Locate an open requisition that was recently created and approved, or create and approve a new requisition.

    1. Navigate to Recruiting and find an approved requisition.

    2. Hover over the job title and select Job Postings to open the Job Postings page. Now, you will post this requisition to an agency.

  3. Post the requisition to the agency you just set up.

    1. Under Agency Listings, select Add Agencies.

    2. Select the agencies, or agency, to which you want to post the requisition by selecting the checkbox.

    3. Under Date Range, enter a Start Date, and optionally, an End Date, that you want this requisition to be posted to the agency.

    4. Select Post Jobs.

Task 8: Login to Agency Portal and Submit a Candidate to an Agency-Posted Requisition


  1. Log in to the agency portal.

  2. Click the Job Listings tab and locate the posting from the previous task, Post a Job Requisition to an Agency.

    1. Open the Job Listing tab.

    2. View the jobs posted and locate the job posted to the agency portal in the previous task.

  3. Under the 3 dots menu, select Submit New Candidate.

    The email address you use for agency candidates must be unique. For ownership reasons, you cannot use an email address that has already been used in the external career portal. You can make up a fake email address or set one up using a trash mail service.
    1. Find the job and under the 3 dots menu, select Submit New Candidate.

    2. Enter the following information about the candidate:

      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Email Address
      • Phone Number
      • Country
    3. Upload a resume.

    4. Check the agency information checkbox.

    5. Add a candidate.

  4. Click the Candidates tab to confirm that the candidate has been added.

    1. Navigate to the Candidates tab and search for the candidate you just submitted.

  5. Log back into the training instance as the recruiter.

    1. Log in to your instance as the administrator.

    2. Proxy as the Recruiter and navigate to Recruiting.

    3. Find the job for which you just submitted an agency candidate.

  6. Open the Candidate Workbench page for the agency-posted requisition.

    1. Open the Candidate Workbench page for the agency-posted requisition by either selecting the number under Candidates or hovering over the job title and selecting Candidate Summary.

    2. View all candidates and find the agency candidate that was submitted.

    3. Confirm that the agency candidate will appear in the Forwarded status and will have a green business card indicating that this is an agency candidate.

    4. Open the candidate details and notice that they are identified as Agency Candidate across the top of the page.

  7. Click the candidate and select Add To Requisition from the bottom of the page to add this candidate to the requisition.

    This will move the candidate to the New Applicant status.

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