Using the Employee Referral Process


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Use the employee referral program

Employee Referral Process Overview

Employee referral allows employees of a company to refer contacts to jobs at their company. Employee referral also allows for tracking the source and referring employee for each new candidate. Employees are able to view the status of all their referrals currently in the hiring process and can also share jobs by using social networks or by using email referrals. Candidates can also be submitted to the system socially or manually and this can be tracked back to the referrer.

Known Limitations

  • There is no way to delay the sending of email.

  • Any referrer email set for the "Invite to Apply" status is not sent.

  • Employee referral does not work in a status, if it's been configured with a category of Onboard. Do not use the Onboard status in conjunction with employee referral.

Employee Referral Usage

Employees have the ability to refer a contact from their personal network to the general candidate pool or to a specific job requisition.

From the internal career site (Careers tab), the employee can see visual indicators allowing employees to see which jobs are available via ERP. From the Select Actions menu for the posting, the employee can select Refer job to a friend.

Complete the information to refer a friend to a job.

Once the candidate is referred, an email notification is sent to the candidate and details can be accessed through the career portal via a job search.

Once the referrer has submitted the referral, the candidate is placed into the Forwarded status (until they apply and are put into the default status – in this case new applicant) with a visual indicator that the candidate was referred to this position.

From the candidate application view – the recruiting user can see the Employee Referral Information portlet directly above the Correspondence portlet.

Referral Tracking

Referral Tracking for the referred is done via the Referral Tracking sub-tab on the Careers tab.

The only parts that can be updated in the area are the referrals text (referral settings in admin), the status and next step text labels, and whether or not the referrer can see the status information (edit application status config in admin).

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