Using the Standard Job Requisition


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Post job requisitions

Job Requisition Posting

As the consultant, all the pieces you have worked on are ready to be shared with candidates. As the recruiter, you have approved jobs ready to be shared out and are ready to start accepting new candidates.

Once a requisition has been completed and is in the approved status, it may be posted.

Post the Job Requisition

A job may be posted in several ways, as follows:

  1. Hover over the Job Title on the Job Requisition page and click the Job Postings links.

  2. Click the requisition link and then the Job Postings link at the top of the requisition.

  3. Enable Job Postings in Display Options and click the desired link under the Job Postings column.

Job Requisition Posting Types

Requisitions may be posted to the following locations:

  • The Internal Career Site (Intranet)

  • The External Career Site (Corporate)

    • This includes microsites.

  • Private internal and external postings

    • These postings only have a link directly to the job posting and are not listed on the career site.

    • Private posting must be enabled.

  • Agency Portal

  • Job Boards

Proper permissions in the JRDM are required to be able to post a job.

Ensure that the following fields are added and permissions granted appropriately in the JRDM:

  • intranetPosting (internal career site)

  • corporatePosting (external career site, including micro-sites)

  • agencyPosting (agencies)

  • intranetPrivatePosting (Internal Private Posting)

  • externalPrivatePosting (External Private Posting)

Job Posting and Post Removal

To post a job internally or externally, follow this process:

  1. Enter a Posting Start Date (required) and Posting End Date (optional) next to the desired posting type.

  2. Click Post Job.

  3. To manually remove the posting, click Remove Post.

The Posting End Date is optional. However, you must select a Posting Start Date.  If an end date is defined, the posting will automatically be removed on the date specified.  If the end date is not defined, the posting will be removed when the requisition closes or when a designated user manually removes the post.

Private Job Posting

Private posting allows you to post jobs as a unique link and provide that link to prospective candidates.

Enable Private Job Postings

You can enable this functionality in Admin CenterManage Recruiting Settings as follows:

  1. Select the Enable private posting of jobs checkbox.

  2. Click Save.

Once the private posting feature is enabled and the fields have been defined and permissions assigned, jobs may be posted privately through the same process as other postings. Keep in mind that proper permissions in the JRDM are required to be able to post a job.

Private Posting Link

Upon posting a job, you can access a unique link and test it as follows:

  1. To access the link, hover over the icon next to the post.

  2. To copy the link, use Select All (Ctrl-A) and Copy (Ctrl-C).

  3. Paste (Ctrl+V) the link into a separate browser for testing.

  • Upon providing the link to a candidate, the candidate can directly access the job posting and can apply.

  • The figure, Job Search Tab, shows how by clicking any of the tabs the candidate navigates away from the posting. If the private job is only posted privately (the most likely case), and the candidate has not applied, they need to navigate back to the private link to access it again.

Post a Job Requisition

Business Example

You are required to create a new requisition (with associated candidate application) and post it.

Task 1: Verify JRDM Field Definitions and Permissions


  1. Download and open the latest version of your JRDM_RCM (Hourly Job Requisition) in an XML editor.

    1. Log in to Provisioning.

    2. Navigate to Managing RecruitingImport/Update/Export Job Requisition Template.

    3. Export the JRDM and save it to your computer.

    4. Open your XML editor and open the JRDM file.

  2. Ensure that the proper fields have been defined for internal and external postings.

    • Locate intranetPosting and corporatePosting to check the field definitions are correctly set for internal and external job postings respectively.

    • To enable missing or commented-out fields, you might have to add them or delete the commented-out tags.

    1. Using Ctrl+F, search for intranetPosting and ensure your JRDM contains the field definitions to post jobs internally.

    2. Using Ctrl+F, search for corporatePosting and ensure your JRDM contains the field definitions to post jobs externally.

    3. If these field definitions are missing or commented-out, add the field definition or delete the commented-out tags to enable these fields.

  3. At a minimum, grant your recruiter (and other users of your choice) permission to post to these sources.

    1. Using Ctrl+F, search for permissions and make sure these fields have enabled "write" permissions in the approved status.

  4. Validate the JRDM and save it with a new file name.

  5. Import the updated JRDM to Provisioning.

    1. Log in to Provisioning.

    2. Navigate to Managing RecruitingImport/Update/Export Job Requisition Template.

    3. Browse for your JRDM file and import it.

Task 2: Create a New Requisition


  1. Log in as a user who has permissions to create a requisition.

    1. Log in to your instance as the administrator.

    2. Proxy as the recruiter.

    3. Navigate to Recruiting.

  2. Create a new requisition, assigning roles as follows:

    • Hiring Manager: Ian

    • Recruiter: Paula

    • HR Manager: Janice

    • Primary Coordinator: Quentin

Task 3: Post a Job Internally and Externally


  1. As the recruiter, navigate to the Job Postings screen for the requisition that was just approved.

    1. Proxy as the recruiter.

    2. Navigate to Recruiting and find the requisition approved above.

    3. Navigate to the Job Postings screen.

  2. Use today’s date as the posting start date and post the job to internal private posting and external private posting

    1. Enter the Posting Start Date for Internal Private Posting and Corporate Private Posting fields.

      Use today’s date. You do not need to enter an end date.

    2. Select Post Job.

    3. To review the posting use the link that is available in private posting, Posting to the external career site will be enabled later.

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