Administering Canvas Reports

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Manage SAP SuccessFactors Canvas Report permissions

Report Center Permissions

First, you must provide access to the Report Center to all users who need to access existing reports OR create new reports.

To set the permissions navigate to Manage Permission Roles. Select the role, choose PermissionReporting Permissions, and then select the Report Center checkbox.

When a user has access to the Report Center, you will need to set or validate their level of access to create or edit reports. This is managed though the functional permissions of the analytics permission category.

To configure the role, choose PermissionAnalytics Permissions and then configure the functional permissions with either all, Canvas Designer, or Canvas Designer Admin. If a user has access to Report Center, then the Canvas designer permission controls the level of access to manage canvas reports:

  • Canvas Designer Admin and Report Center: user can create, edit, and delete any reports in the Report Center
  • Canvas Designer and Report Center: user can create, edit, and delete reports created by the user only
  • Report Center only: user can run reports that have been shared with them only

Additionally, most users that need to create reports will need to be able to create queries using the detailed reporting and / or advanced reporting tools. To do so, additionally assign the functional permission, Detailed Reporting.

For users to schedule reports with the report center, enable the Schedule Reports permission.

For users to schedule email distributed reports with report distributor, assign the Report Distributor functional permission.

As an administrator, you can distinguish permissions for those users who only need to run reports versus those users who need to both create and run reports when querying the live data source.

You can also determine which modules users have access to build queries and create reports. For example, you may only want to enable the Compensation Eligibility and Compensation Planning modules so that a user on the compensation team can only create compensation reports. Another user running that same report would need to have run access to the same compensation modules for data to be returned.

Create and run access permissions are in the RBP Reporting category.


When you make changes to the permissions in the analytics category of RBP, there can be a delay for the permissions to take effect. Choosing the Refresh Analytics Permissions option, available on the Workforce Analytics Administration page, enables changes made in RBP permissions to apply immediately. Depending on the logged-in user's permissions, it is possible to refresh the permissions for only the logged-in user or for all users in the organization.

Manage Live Data Source Permissions

Go to the following: SAP SuccessFactors HCM Admin CenterManage EmployeesSet User PermissionsManage Permission Roles.

Select the role by choosing PermissionReports Permission, and then select the appropriate Create Report and Run Report radio buttons and permissioned modules, if necessary.

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