Providing a Canvas Report Overview


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Understand use cases of canvas reports
  • Use case of Canvas Reports

Overview of Canvas Reports

Canvas report is a tool to create reports in table and visual formats. Canvas report was previously known as Online Report Designer.

You can use the Canvas report tool to easily drag and drop components onto a report page. These components can include tables, charts, images, and text. Using these components rich, multi-page reports can be created showcasing data across the SAP SuccessFactors solution. These solutions can include data from Live Detailed Reporting and Employee Central Advanced Reporting.

Reports can be exported as PowerPoints, PDFs, Word documents, or Excel spreadsheets. Users can also use the Report Distributor tool to schedule and email PDFs of reports or run reports offline.

Users can implement data transformations, such as relabeling fields, creating custom calculations and concatenated fields, using If/Then/Else statements, hiding duplicates, and transposing rows to columns.

Canvas reports for transactional reporting (Detailed reporting and Advanced reporting), Table reporting, and Dashboard and Tiles framework will be Deleted (deprecated) on November 21, 2025.

Canvas Report Data Sources

Canvas Reports within Report Center is a front-end solution which allows users to create reports and queries using many different data sources:

  • Live Data Source (also called ad hoc data source) through the Detailed Reporting query tool
  • Replicated Data Source (Realms) that pulls data from Employee Central (EC) and other modules using the Advanced Reporting query tool

Canvas Report Use Cases

Common use cases of canvas reports

  • Provide operational and compliance reporting in a visually interesting format when story reporting is not in use or has a limitation that prevents using it. Example may include:
    • Managers viewing information about their direct reports
    • Administrators reviewing open approval requests
    • Department head reviewing Absenteeism statistics
  • mail report results in a file format, as currently canvas reports is the only type that supports email distribution
  • Utilize the basic and advanced report templates that are available for canvas reports. Currently, canvas has a wider range of templates compared to stories

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