Providing a Table Report Overview


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Describe Table Reports and their usage

Use Cases for Table Reports

Table reports provide a flexible, intuitive platform for users to easily create custom list reports and share them across the organization. They are designed to be simple to use, allowing you to easily select data from the SAP SuccessFactors modules and output the information in a simple table. This table can then be easily exported as required.

Canvas reports for transactional reporting (Detailed reporting and Advanced reporting), Table reporting, and Dashboard and Tiles framework will be Deleted (deprecated) on November 21, 2025.
Table Reports were previously known as Ad Hoc Reports.

The Table Report Builder is a tool for generating the query for a table report. The Table Report Builder is an intelligent tool. You don’t need to know the structured query language to access that information—the Table Report Builder does the work for you


Table Report results are presented in list format and may be viewed online or downloaded for use in a variety of formats including CSV, PDF, Excel, and PPT.

Use Cases for Table Reports

Key characteristics of table reports are that they are relative fast and simple to create, but the output is unformatted lists of data. This output makes them less likely to be distributed directly to report consumers for online viewing.

More likely is that individuals that create table reports will either utilize the data themselves or transfer and supply the data to the individual by some other means. Some examples might include.

  • A business analyst creates a simple table report to extract some Compensation data needed for a project to an excel file. That data is further analyzed in Excel.
  • A report creator responds to a one-time request from a manager for some information on their direct reports as soon as possible. The report creator creates and runs a simple table report that is attached as PDF.
  • An SAP SuccessFactors admin needs to quickly see the number of logins to the SAP SuccessFactors platform per day.

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