Introduction to SAP Supply Chain Control Tower


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Address challenges within the supply chain network

Introduction to SAP Supply Chain Control Tower

Considering the entire SAP IBP solution, the SAP Supply Chain Control Tower supports end-to-end visibility, as well as monitoring, customer alerts and intelligent visibility in the Supply Chain.

The following link provides an overview of SAP Supply Chain Control Tower Features and processes covered by its license: SAP Help → SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain → Applications and Features of SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain. → SAP Supply Chain Control Tower

SAP Supply Chain Control Tower, as a Big Data application, can connect data from different systems, whether in-house- or external, SAP or third party, Supply Chain Execution, or Planning systems.

Integration to those systems is done via Middleware "Cloud Integration". There are templates available to integrate the most common objects from SAP into Supply Chain Control Tower, for example Master data load for Location or Product from SAP ERP, when SAP IBP is purchased.

In the figures, SAP Supply Chain Control Tower, observe the following:

  • Unlike in a supply chain planning system you do not only see what happens within your company (LOCATIONS in BLUE COLOR).
  • On the one upstream side are Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, and so on. All of the suppliers are contributing to your value chain.
  • On the downstream side are direct customers, whether retailing, wholesaling (or Original Equipment Manufacturers) with their distribution center and stores.
  • Unlike a transactional system, you would not only look at the individual plants or locations to see what is the current inventory level but also track down where shipments (stock) are currently
  • Imagine there is an extreme whether situation and you would like to find out if your shipment is on the sea or somewhere else. You could see it from there.
  • Therefore, we imagine to have total visibility on the shipment level to answer these questions.
  • In short, with SAP Supply Chain Control Tower, you enable your Supply Chain Professionals to navigate, analyze and profitably manage the end-to-end supply chain in real-time.

What can you do with that?

  • With better visibility, you always know about the impact on the "real" customer. Make decisions in context and put the customer in center. This results in increased on-time delivery performance to the customer.

  • If you have better information about what happens in your supply chain and you can identify fundamental drivers, and reduce risk in your supply chain. This results in decreased overall inventory levels while reducing risk.

  • Reduce supply chain cost. This results in better and on-time information to handle exceptions, allowing you to reduce associated costs, for example, for transport and production.

  • Increase supply chain agility. This results in being more agile and productive by having one source of truth.

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