Exploring Activity Management


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Determine the key activity objects in SAP Sales Cloud to have a successful customer relationship lifecycle..

Activity Management

Activities are methods of recording information from interactions between business partners during the customer relationship lifecycle. Managing activities properly also gives transparency to other sales team members working on the same account.  

Activities include the following objects in SAP Sales Cloud: 

  • Appointments 
  • Task 
  • Email  
  • Phone calls

Activity Management records the interactions taking place with the customer as well as any internal work done for serving an account. Many actions can be configured to automatically create activities for sales representatives. During each buying stage, activities can be suggested to help streamline the sales process. These activities can be calendar relevant like meetings or phone calls or Internal tasks relevant to the sales employee. For example: upselling a product or gathering data to qualify an opportunity. 

With Groupware integration, activities can flow to Outlook, Gmail, or Lotus Notes. Activities can be created from or assigned to follow-up documents and a part of the document flow when connected to other sales documents like opportunities, quotes, and orders. 

System Navigation

Click on each icon on the right to get a quick system overview of the Activity page.

Working with Activities

Here’s an introduction to working with Activities in the SAP Sales Cloud System.

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