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Which of the following steps is not required to configure a basic CI/CD job in SAP Continuous Integration and Delivery?
Choose the correct answer.
What is the service key of the SAP Cloud Transport Management service instance used for?
Choose the correct answer.
What statement about the delivery options on SAP BTP is correct?
Choose the correct answer.
What benefits do you get from integrating SAP Cloud Transport Management into your CI/CD pipeline?
There are three correct answers.
What is the recommended option to centrally control and orchestrate the deployment of SAP BTP changes, such as part of hybrid transports?
Choose the correct answer.
What two statements about the account model for DevOps on SAP BTP are correct?
There are two correct answers.
What is NOT part of a transport landscape definition in SAP Cloud Transport Management?
Choose the correct answer.
Which three statements about the recommended DevOps setup and the contributing DevOps cloud services on SAP BTP are true?
There are three correct answers.
What do you have to do before you can use SAP Cloud Transport Management for transporting content?
There are three correct answers.
Which delivery option should you consider if you want to combine agility with the need for more control of changes (such as for auditing) in your production environment?
Choose the correct answer.

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