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When no information is received from a supplier prior to goods receipt, it is possible to create the inbound delivery directly in SAP EWM.
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Warehouse orders can be assigned to the resource in different ways. It can be done:
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It does not depend on the outcome of the quality inspection. The products are always moved to the final bin once the inspection is finished.
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A warehouse order cannot contain more than one warehouse task.
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If you want to work with handling units in SAP EWM, the packaging information must be received from the supplier. You cannot enter this manually during goods receipt processing.
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When working with SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) in a decentral deployment, you always need an inbound delivery for posting the goods receipt for a purchase order.
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When posting a goods receipt in embedded EWM without inbound delivery, the warehouse tasks are created automatically in the background.
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In SAP EWM, a resource always represents a person on foot.
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On a mobile device, in general, the user utilizes the same transaction as on a desktop PC.
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