Reviewing SAP Business Network Supplier Portal's Scope


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Identify the documents and services in scope for SAP Business Network Supplier Portal.

SAP Business Network Supplier Portal: scope details.

The documents in scope with SAP Business Network Supplier Portal automates the procurement workflows with real-time information sharing and document collaboration.

This image shows the different documents in scope with SAP Business Network Supplier Portal, both for buyers and suppliers.

SAP Business Network Supplier Portal has the following limitations:

  • Document count limitation as defined in the license agreement.
  • Catalog enablement is not in scope. This option is available in connection with SAP Buying solution.
  • SAP Support for integration pilot.


In case of a required extension of the available SAP Business Network Supplier Portal membership capabilities, please contact your SAP Account Executive to discuss options for an upgrade.

SAP Business Network for Procurement Interfaces

With the S/4HANA implementation, you have a state of the art ERP solution for your company. However, it is not possible to connect to external trading partners without the SAP Business Network for Procurement. The cloud-based network facilitates for the buyer organization to exchange procurement documents with trading partners digitally.

The short demo video showcases one of the options available how to buyers and how they can send a trading relationship request to their trading partners via SAP Business Network. Once the request is sent out, trading partners process the invitation and documents on their SAP Business Network accounts.

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