Understanding the SAP Activate Methodology


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Understand the Activate Methodology and its relevance in the SAP Business Network Supplier Portal Trading Partner Deployment.

SAP Activate Methodology for SAP Business Network Supplier Portal

The SAP activate methodology is designed to guide SAP customers to work through complex SAP implementation projects and conversions with ease and greater success. The methodology takes an iterative approach to continuously improve and deliver to increase the project quality and success.

Illustration of the activate methodology timeline and key focus areas.

System Implementation Overview per Phase

Every phase of the Activate Methodology focuses on specific project details, steps, and milestones which defines the groundwork for the next consecutive phase. Any of the listed activities can be anticipated and prepared upfront, however it is important to complete each phase before moving to the next one. The Activate phases are not interchangeable. SAP can provide advisory services for partners and customers on these key activities.

This timeline shows the main activities for the SAP Business Network foundation option deployment

The detailed timeline set up for each phase of the implementation project is to be defined by the customer team and dependents on:

  • Availability of customer internal resources per workstream.
  • Availability of technical implementation teams (buyer, partner and/or SAP).
  • Any technical restrictions (example: hard stop deadline for legacy system).
  • Any process related dependencies (example: migration of legacy purchase orders).

Roles & Responsibilities

A successful implementation of the system requires multiple resources which prepare, coordinate, and execute the required activities, is it of technical or process related nature. The buyer organization is to assure the allocation of internal (and/or external) team members, which will be responsible for each defined workstream and jointly work towards the defined project goal.

The list of resource should contain, but is not limited to:

  • Project Sponsor.
  • Project or Program Manager.
  • IT Lead.
  • Trading Partner Enablement Lead.
  • Change Manager.

The engagement level and duration of each team member varies, depending on the activities and post go live system maintenance requirements.

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