Configuring the Payment Functionality


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Configure the payment functionality.

Payment Functionality

This lesson will introduce you to scheduled payments and remittances. You will learn how to view these payments and configure remittances.

Remittance Advice Documents

Remittance advice documents provide details about individual payments a buyer has sent to a supplier. Depending on the buyer's configuration and payment method, suppliers may receive remittance advice documents from them that they can view.

Buyers may send remittance advice documents in one of two ways when they send payments:

  • Outside of SAP Business Network a buyer's ERP system can generate remittance advice to provide details about the payment, including status change updates.
  • On SAP Business Network using ACH or Ariba Pay a buyer's ERP system sends a payment batch to SAP Business Network. SAP Business Network then creates the remittance advice for each payment in the batch and updates the status as it is processed.

Buyers assign unique numbers to remittance advice or payments in their ERP systems. SAP Business Network tracks remittance advice documents by the assigned numbers. Buyers mark invoices associated with remittance advice or payments Paid as soon as their ERP systems transmit that status to SAP Business Network, whether or not the payment fails.

For an overview of Remittance Advice Documents, watch this video.

Additional Features in Remittance Advice Page

A remittance advice page contains the following tabs:


Shows remittance details


Shows a log with an entry for each change in the remittance status and the time and date of the change

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Scheduled Payments

Buyers can send their suppliers scheduled payment documents about proposed payment transaction. Suppliers can view scheduled payments for specific invoices in the Invoice tab or they can view all scheduled payments within the Payments tab.

SAP Business Network shows payment information for each scheduled payment and early payment document.

SAP Business Network also shows the document status for each scheduled payment and early payment.

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