Adding SOW Workers


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Add SOW Workers to an SOW..

Adding SOW Workers

After the buyer submits the SOW, the status shows as "Pending Supplier Review". This means the SOW is sitting with the supplier, who is in the process of reviewing it. If collaboration is enabled, the supplier and buyer review can go back and forth as many times as needed until mutually agreed upon between both the buyer and supplier.

After that happens, if the buyer has enabled the ability for the supplier to include workers on the SOW, the supplier can begin adding their SOW Workers to the worker roles that are identified on the SOW.

Add Workers to the SOW

For WorkingNet’s data center project, Patricia indicated on the SOW that she needed a Lead Project Manager, two Network Engineers, and five Associate Engineers.

Now that the SOW has been approved, Kiri, from reCrewIT, can begin adding actual workers to the SOW to fill those worker roles.

Next Steps

For WorkingNet, approvals are configured for new SOW Worker submissions, so the next step is for Patricia to review and approve Jamie and the other workers that Kiri has added to the SOW.

Also, since Kiri made sure to enable registration functionality, Jamie should be receiving an invitation to register with SAP Fieldglass and creating their login credentials.

This action also kicks off the requirement of any potential Worker Onboarding Activities that WorkingNet has configured.

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