Configuring and Customizing Connectors


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Configure a download connector..
  • Explain how to configure an upload connector..
  • Explain how to customize a connector..

Configure a Download Connector

Here’s how you could use the Connector Setup Wizard to configure the Active Worker Single Line Download connector for WorkingNet.

Note that the pages and options shown in this demonstration are specific to this connector. These options may not be available in other connectors. Conversely, there may be options available in other connectors that we won’t see here.

Configure an Upload Connector

The process for enabling and configuring an upload connector is not significantly different than it is for a download connector. However, as upload and download connectors work in opposite directions, there are some differences in formatting and data requirements. Therefore, there are differences in the process that are worth exploring.

Let’s take a look at some of the other options that you might see when enabling and configuring an upload connector.

Screenshot of an Upload Configuration Image with Encoding element highlighted
1Encoding =The Setup page for an upload connector has an additional option for setting the Encoding of the connector.Encoding determines the types of characters that are processes by the connector. Some systems may require different character sets, so two options are available: ISO-8859-1 and UTF-8. The Default value is ISO-8859-1. But if you’re working with a lot of special characters, UTF-8 is recommended. This option is not available for download connectors.

Once the encoding elements are defined, further customizations can be completed via the configuration of column transformations. These elements are further broken out and explained below.

Screenshot of the Transform Column Configuration Customization with highlighted sections
1Upload Column Transform  =Describes how to modify the data in an upload file by adding and editing fields, and using column transform templates.You can map your column headers to SAP Fieldglass fields, you can alter the data consumed by the application, or even concatenate multiple columns into a single column on upload. Another transform option is to set up default values for all the records, so that your upload will not need to include it.
2Standard Column Name =When adding a native column, you can select a field from the drop-down list. Standard Column Name refers to the native column name of the upload.When adding an additional field, you must enter the name of the additional column in the standard SAP Fieldglass format, such as [c] Custom Field, [SA] Signature Authority).Standard Column Name must be the first field completed.
3File Column Name =New name of the column header. The Standard Column Name maps to the File Column Name, if defined.
4Default Value =The initial value for the field. Enclosing quotes aren’t required.
5Skip on update =Select this option to add the column value on the initial connector update and skip the column on subsequent updates.
Screenshot of the Transform Column Configuration Customization with option sections highlighted
6Add Native Fields =The value of each native field can be modified or mapped to a new column.
7Add Additional Fields =Any non-native fields not defined in the original upload file can be added to the file. The new fields are formatted as hyperlinks.
8Apply Template =Enabling a column transform template transforms upload columns based on the template layout. Column transform templates allow you to make standardized customizations to connectors by defining a set of fields that you apply to one or more connectors. Once enabled, the template is added to the connector.

Customize a Connector

When you originally enabled the Active Worker Single Line Download connector, you bypassed the customize section because, at the time, you didn’t need custom features. However, you’ve since decided that the connector does indeed need some custom fields added to it.

Here’s how you’d edit the connector to add custom fields.

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