Configuring Approval Groups


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Approval Group

Approval Groups are groups of authorized approvers who are notified when particular work items are submitted.

For example, when Mavis creates a Work Order to procure a worker, the Work Order must be approved before it can be sent to Suppliers.

The Approval Group consists of all users or systems in WorkingNet who are required to review and approve that Work Order.

A Work Order Approval group is associated to a transaction and can be tracked through the Approvals/Audit Trail tab.

screenshot of a work order indicating the three WorkingNet managers who must approve it

Navigating the Approval Group Admin Object

screenshot of the Workflow section of the Admin Menu, the Approval Group link is highlighted
1To view the list of approval groups available in the tenant, select Approval Group from the Workflow section of the admin menu.

Approval Group List page

Approval groups are created per module and by currency. Therefore, you can have multiple approval workflows for a single module and configure them based on requirements. For example, the Expense Sheet approval workflow in the US may be different than the Expense Sheet approval workflow in the UK or CAN.

Separate approval groups are required for job postings, work orders, time sheets, currencies, and any other SAP Fieldglass modules an organization uses that have transactions that require approvals.

screenshot of Approval Group List page, with the Module column, Business Units column, Currency column, and the link to the Job Posting Approval Group – GBP details page listed in the Name column are highlighted
2Module refers to the module associated to the approval workflow in question.

Approval groups can be associated to All or specific Business Units. The numbers listed in this column are selectable and will take you directly to the list of business units that are associated to the approval group.

To view the business units that an approval group is associated to, you would select the appropriate number link in the Business Units column.

4This displays the currency that needs to be selected on the Work Order creation page in order to follow the workflow in question
5To view the details of an approval group, select in the link in the Name column.

Approval Group Details page

The details page provides additional insight into why a work item is routed in a specific way.

It is also possible to configure an integration to allow an external system, such as SAP Ariba, to fulfill an approval requirement as well.

screenshot of Job Posting Approval Group - GBP Details page with the Bypass Duplicate Approvals row, the Include and New Business Units row, and the first listed level section highlighted
6The Bypass Duplicate Approvals flag determines whether a user who has already taken action within the workflow should be skipped if the item routes to them again.
7As the program expands, there may be the need to add additional business units to account for additional departments within WorkingNet. The Include All New Business Units? flag determines if net-new business units should be automatically associated.
  • Level 1 = USD Work Orders tied to the 15 business units will first route to the Hiring Manager for approval.
  • Level 2 = Once the Hiring Manager approves, the work order will then route to the Program Office for approval.
  • Level 3 = Lastly, the Work Order will route to the Finance Team for final approval.

Configure a New Approval Group

WorkingNet needs an Approval Group specifically for Job Postings for positions within NetAlysis, the new line of business it recently formed to develop network diagnostic software.

This Work Group will contain approvers from within the NetAlysis team as well as managers within WorkingNet.

Here is how you would set up that approval group.

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