Configuring Reporting Permissions & Associations


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Explain how User Feature Access and User Role permissions impact the view and utilization of SAP Fieldglass analytics..

Check User Permissions

Mateo recently joined WorkingNet with Brian’s Program Office team and will be taking on some analytic tasks to help Brian. Let’s look at what permissions and associations need to be in place for Mateo to ensure he can get the information he needs.

Assigning Report Folders to User Roles

Report visibility is affected by many factors including User Role and feature access permissions. In addition, Report Folders affect which reports a user like Mateo, has access to.

WorkingNet may have different User Roles for Hiring Managers, Human Resources, and the Program Office. Reporting needs across these different types of users will likely vary, so being able to associate only certain reports that cater to specific User Role audiences is helpful. We will explore creating Report Folders later.

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