Configuring SOW Worker Role


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Create SOW Worker Roles..
  • Associate configured Rates to SOW Worker Roles..
  • Explain billable SOW Workers on an SOW..

Create an SOW Worker Role

When SOW Workers are added to an SOW, they are assigned to defined roles that have been predetermined and configured by the buyer company.

Following the initiation of the data center expansion project, WorkingNet decides to add a new SOW Worker Role for use on future IT projects. They have determined that a Data Security Analyst should be available to select for outsourced services where WorkingNet may be unable to fulfill these duties using their in-house security team, due to resourcing constraints.

As the SAP Fieldglass administrator for WorkingNet, you are tasked with creating the new SOW Worker Role.

Tracking Equipment Through the SOW Worker Role

As part of SOW Worker role configuration, the buyer can choose to set an applicable Equipment Flag as Yes or No, and can also choose to define a flag to allow the role to Use Fees for billing. By setting these flags as Yes, the buyer can then define equipment on an SOW to be tracked physically, as well as have costs associated to its use.

Screenshot of an SOW worker role creation page emphasizing the Equipment field.

SOW Worker Role Rate Configuration

There are a multitude of options when it comes to how rates are configured for SOW Workers based on buyer requirements.

Play the video to learn about some of the more common rate configurations in SAP Fieldglass.

SOW Worker Spend on SOWs

An additional feature available for billable SOW Workers on a Statement of Work is ‘SOW Worker Spend estimation based on number of positions and period’. This rule is available on the SOW Type and Template itself, if it is not locked or hidden at the Type level.

If enabled, SAP Fieldglass uses the average of the rate amounts, number of positions, and the period worked to calculate an estimated spend for each Role. This allows buyers to see the estimated spend for SOW Workers while creating the SOW.

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