Configuring the Supervisor


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Create and add a supervisor to an approval group in SAP Fieldglass..


A Supervisor is a user who is a next-level approver of a user’s SAP Fieldglass transactional items.

A Supervisor does not necessarily indicate an organization’s reporting hierarchy; it’s just a system role used to identify and assign an individual to a User’s Approval Group.

image depicting a supervisor approving a transaction after it was forwarded by a user

Navigating the Supervisor Admin Object

screenshot of the User section of the admin menu, the Supervisor link is highlighted
1Select Supervisor from the User section of the admin menu to view the list of supervisor roles available in the organization’s tenant.

Supervisor List Page

The Supervisor function allows you to create additional system roles within SAP Fieldglass so that approvals can be routed to specific people even if those approvers are not within the usual workflow.

For example, Mavis does not report to Nelson, WorkingNet’s Director of Human Resources. But because her hiring activities affect Human Resources, her job postings and SOWs must be approved by Nelson before she can fill any position with an external worker.

Therefore, Nelson is associated with the Supervisor system role titled HR Lead. The HR Lead Supervisor role is assigned to job posting and SOW approval groups, so that when a transactional item follows the approval workflow and comes to the HR Lead category, it is Nelson that is assigned to approve the item.

screenshot of Supervisor list page showing a short list of all supervisors in the WorkingNet tenant; the HR Lead iink in the title column is highlighted
2To view the details of a supervisor role, select an appropriate link in the Title column.

Supervisor Details Page

screenshot of HR Lead Supervisor Details page which shows only the title field and a user’ tile

A supervisor record requires few characteristics, just the name of the record and its associations. Users are associated with the supervisor data object to act in that capacity, and the data object is then assigned to an approval group.

Create and Add a Supervisor to an Approval Group

WorkingNet has added the new role of Compliance Approver in the Program Office to ensure that all hiring is compliant with corporate practices and regulations. The role is going to be filled by Mateo, newly hired by Brian to assist in the Program Office.

Here’s how you, as the administrator of SAP Fieldglass for WorkingNet, would ensure that Mateo is assigned to Approve certain Job Postings that Mavis creates in SAP Fieldglass.

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