Defining Escalation Thresholds


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Create an escalation threshold in SAP Fieldglass..

Thresholds - Escalation

Escalation Thresholds are used to define when and if notifications should be sent to the primary supervisor of a user if that user has not completed a work item within a specified timeframe. Escalation thresholds ensure that there are no undue delays in the workflow.

For example, if Mavis doesn’t approve a Work Order within 7 days of it being posted, her immediate supervisor is notified that the approval is still waiting.

Escalation messages can be sent to a user's email address.

screenshot of an email notice sent to a supervisor indicating that a work order has not been acted upon

Navigating the Thresholds - Escalation Admin Object

screenshot of the Workflow section of the Admin Menu, the Thresholds - Escalation link is highlighted
1To view the list of escalation thresholds set up in in the tenant, select Thresholds - Escalation from the Workflow section of the admin menu.

Thresholds - Escalation List Page

SAP Fieldglass automatically creates a Default Escalation Threshold when the organization’s tenant is created.

New Threshold Escalations can be created if different work items require different thresholds.

screenshot of Thresholds - Escalation List page, with the Business units column and the link to the manufacturing Escalation details page listed in the Name column highlighted

Escalation thresholds can be associated to All or specific Business Units. This allow buyers to create multiple escalation thresholds and associate each threshold to the applicable business unit. For example: one area of WorkingNet may require job postings to be approved within 48 hours while another area may require job postings to be approved within 72 hours.

The numbers listed in this column are selectable and will take you directly to the list of business units that are associated to the approval group.

3To see how an escalation threshold is configured, select its link in the Name column.

Thresholds – Escalation Details Page

Escalation Thresholds contain standard work items for which thresholds times can be adjusted, but new items cannot be added and existing items cannot be deleted.

screenshot of the Software Escalation Details page, the Escalation column and the Threshold Time (Hrs) column are highlighted, as is the number 24 listed in the Threshold Time column for the Approval of Job Posting escalation
4The Escalation column provides a description of the activities in need of approval.
5Threshold Time (Hrs) indicates the time, in hours, when the escalation is initiated. This is the only data in an escalation threshold that can be adjusted.
6Because WorkingNet’s product orders can fluctuate and they may need to hire workers quickly, they’ve adjusted their escalation thresholds for the job posting approval to require a maximum of 24 hours.

Create an Escalation Threshold

WorkingNet wants to add an Escalation Threshold to the approval process for newly added SOW Workers.

As they are using SOW functionality more often, they have found that they often have to remind one another to approve SOW Workers that are submitted by the supplier.

By adding this escalation threshold, you, as the SAP Fieldglass administrator for WorkingNet, will take care of establishing that reminder for them.

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