Exploring the Clause Library


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain what a Clause represents in SAP Fieldglass..
  • Create a Clause Library in SAP Fieldglass..

SOW Clause

Clauses contain the legal terms for standard regulatory governance polices and conditions and may outline the contractual language or agreement between a buyer and a supplier.

Configuring a Clause Library

Procedurally, configuring clauses for the Clause Library is no different than manually adding clauses to an SOW. The difference, of course, is that the clauses in the Clause Library can be reused. In fact, they can also be associated directly to SOW templates so they’ll automatically be added to the SOW when it’s built from an associated template.

Configure a Clause Library

When Patricia, the Director of Networking and Network Security for WorkingNet, created the SOW for WorkingNet’s data center expansion project, she didn’t have to manually enter any clauses. This was because the clauses were in the Clause Library and added to the SOW template she used.

As an administrative user for WorkingNet, you are tasked with populating the Clause Library. The language already exists and has been sent to you in a standalone document, so your task is to simply set them up appropriately in SAP Fieldglass.

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