Pushing Time Sheets


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Push a Time Sheet to a Worker in SAP Fieldglass..

Push Time Sheets

Time sheets are automatically generated once a Worker registers. On rare occasions, however, a Worker may not receive a time sheet or may no longer have access to it. For example, if a Worker’s start date is entered incorrectly on a work order, a time sheet may not be created for the beginning of the Worker’s engagement.

On such occasions, SAP Fieldglass administrators can send a time sheet to a worker using the Push Time Sheets function.

Navigating the Push Time Sheets Admin Object

screenshot of the Systems Tools section of the Admin Menu, Push Time Sheets link is highlighted
1To see the criteria required to push a time sheet to a worker, select Push Time Sheets in the System Tools section of the admin menu.

Push Time Sheets Configuration Page

screenshot of Push Time Sheets page highlighting the Time Sheet Period fields and a checked radio button next to a Worker ID
2Push Time Sheets is a functional page where SAP Fieldglass administrators can search for time sheets by Legal Entity, Business Unit, Site, Cost Center or Worker.
3When the appropriate time sheet is found, the admin can select the appropriate time sheets to push out to the worker.

Push a Time Sheet to a Worker

Brian, the PMO manager for WorkingNet, informed you that a worker has not received a time sheet for the past two weeks.

He asked you, the SAP Fieldglass administrator, to push the time sheet to the worker.

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