Using Segmented Object Details


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Create a Segmented Object Detail in SAP Fieldglass..

Segmented Object Detail

If an organization needs to capture more complex data than a standard field allows, they can create a custom field called a Segmented Object Detail (SOD).

The Segmented Object Detail admin object can be used to capture multiple rows of data on custom fields, cost center attributes, or complex accounting strings. This functionality allows for a detailed mapping of data requirements so that the string of values entered can follow more complex logic.

split screenshot of the Suggested Reviewers segmented object details admin object correlating the Approver name and Approve Number segments to the Suggested Approvers field on a Job Posting creation page

Navigating the Segmented Object Detail Admin Object

screenshot of Configuration section of the Admin Menu, the Segmented Object Detail link is highlighted
1To view a list of Segmented object picklists associated to WorkingNet’s tenant, select Segmented Object Detail from the Configuration section of the admin menu.

Segmented Object Detail List Page

screenshot of Segmented Object Detail List page highlighting the Type, module, Document Type, and Number of Segments columns, as well as the Consulting link in the Code column

SAP Fieldglass supports three possible uses of Segmented Object Details, as indicated in the Type column illustrated here: Grid, Cost Center Attribute, and Cost Center Allocation. The two cost center SODs, however, must be specially enabled in the company configuration.

2Type indicates what the SOD is used for.
3Module indicates the module to which the SOD will be assigned.
4Document Type indicates the type of document on which to include the SOD. If an organization uses SOD as an Attribute and has enabled more than one option, you must select one. Otherwise, the field will be selected and locked by default based on the options the organization uses.
5Number of Segments indicates the number of segments to be included in the SOD.
6To view the details of a segmented object detail, select the appropriate link in the Name column.

Segmented Object Detail Details Page

screenshot of Consulting Segmented Object Detail Details page highlighting the Pick List column of the Segments section

In addition to the standard details, a segmented object detail’s details page will indicate the segments that have been added to the SOD.

7If a pick list is used in a segment, a link to that pick list will also be displayed in the Pick List column.

Create a Segmented Object Detail

WorkingNet wants to capture whether a contingent worker is given access to WorkingNet’s systems as part of their employment.

In order to gather this information, you, as the SAP Fieldglass administrator for WorkingNet, will configure a Segmented Object Detail.

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