Viewing All Notifications


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Navigate the View all Notifications admin object and explain what it represents in SAP Fieldglass..

View all Notifications

Each User has their own SAP Fieldglass home page where they periodically receive notifications. Users may delete notifications after they read them, but a log of all notifications is kept within the SAP Fieldglass application.

View All Notifications within the Admin menu allows Administrators to view the history of notifications that have been sent to Users within your company.

Navigating the View All Notifications Admin Object

screenshot of the Systems Tools section of the Admin Menu, the View all Notifications link is highlighted
1To review the notification history, select View All Notifications from the System Tools section of the admin menu.

View all Notifications List Page

screenshot of View All Notifications page highlighting the Date range fields and the Email column

Administrators can view a log of system-generated notifications used to track SAP Fieldglass activity for every user within a company.

For more details on the notification message, select it from the list and scroll to the bottom of the list to see a detailed view in the preview pane.

2Enter the start and end date to generate an initial list of system-generated notifications, then click Apply Filters. If needed, use the fields under the column headings to further filter the entries in the notification list.
3Messages may display as Sent or Not Sent. If a User is configured to NOT receive email, the Email field will show as Not Sent.

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