Adding Custom Content with Personalization


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Add customized website content to storefront websites using the different features related to personalization in SAP Commerce Cloud.

Features/Approaches related to Personalization​

SAP Commerce Cloud supports personalization of the website’s content using the following three features/approaches.

  1. CMS Restrictions​
  2. Personalization Module​
  3. Intelligent Selling Services for SAP Commerce Cloud​

We'll look at each of them.

CMS Restriction

SmartEdit allows us to add CMS restrictions to variation pages or components so that relevant content is displayed to specific customers.​ Out-of-the-box, we can create and edit product, category, time, user/user group restrictions in SmartEdit.​

Let’s find out how to do that in this video.​

Personalization Module

The Personalization module provides an integrated, user-friendly way of building experiences that are relevant to targeted customers. ​This module enables grouping customers into one or more segments via custom implementation or big data analysis, then uses SmartEdit to serve members of a segment custom content, personalized search profiles and promotions.​

The complete content of the personalization module is however out of the scope of this intermediate course and will be included in the upcoming advanced level course. But you can get a brief introduction on how to use the personalization mode in SmartEdit in the following video.​

Intelligent Selling Services (ISS) for SAP Commerce Cloud

The Intelligent Selling Services for SAP Commerce Cloud(ISS) for SAP Commerce Cloud provides real-time personalization through Recommendations and Merchandising product carousels based on machine learning. It also provides support for testing, reporting and management tooling to understand, monitor and improve personalization performance.​ However, the content of ISS is out of the scope of this course.

If you are interested, you can read how to

support personalize for SAP Commerce Cloud with ISS,how you can

connect SAP Commerce Cloud to ISS,and how you can

create product carousels with ISS in SAP Commerce Cloud.

If you are looking for video resources, make sure to check out these two video series:

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