Exploring SAP's Cloud Integration Technologies


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  • Identify the capabilities of the SAP Cloud Integration Suite

Cloud Integration with the SAP Integration Suite

Cloud Integration Technologies

Implementing a new ERP software is a perfect opportunity to re-evaluate the technology used to build and host your integrations. Any application that needs to send data to, or consume data from, SAP S/4HANA Cloud (public or private) will need to be set up with a new integration. The Integration Solution Advisory Methodology is a framework to help customers evaluate their landscape and build new integrations using the available tools.

First, check SAP Signavio Process Navigator to see if you can find a prepackaged solution process that addresses the integration requirements. SAP builds these integration packages using the SAP Integration Suite, and the integrations run on SAP Business Technology Platform. Because SAP has already built the integration package, you will find set-up instructions on how to activate the integration in your SAP S/4HANA Cloud system. As the owner of the integration package, SAP is responsible for the maintenance.

If none of the integrations in SAP Signavio Process Navigator meet your needs, a custom integration will need to be implemented. A library of integration packages, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), adapters, and other resources built by SAP and our partner developers is available in the SAP Business Accelerator Hub. Content in the SAP Business Accelerator Hub is also built using technologies that run on the SAP Business Technology Platform such as the SAP Integration Suite. A developer can build a custom integration package using APIs from the library, and monitor the integration using the SAP Cloud ALM operations apps moving forward. Whether you use a packaged integration from the SAP Business Accelerator Hub or build an entirely custom integration, the responsibility for maintaining the integration is on the customer's IT team. However, SAP is responsible for maintaining the platform where the integration lives (SAP Business Technology Platform).

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