Utilizing SAP Activate Implementation Methodology and SAP Cloud ALM


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  • Identify how to consume the SAP Activate methodology through SAP Cloud ALM

SAP Activate Implementation Methodology and SAP Cloud ALM

SAP Activate Roadmap Viewer Methodologies

The SAP Activate Roadmap Viewer is a library of implementation methodologies designed to guide members of a project team through each phase, deliverable, and task that needs to be completed during the implementation of a solution.

SAP Activate Implementation Phases

The implementation of the SAP Activate Methodology covers six phases.

These six phases include:

  • Discover - The sales phase where a customer makes a purchase decision. The Digital Discovery Assessment is used in this phase to help the customer identify the SAP Cloud deployment that best fits their needs.
  • Prepare - The implementation project begins with planning, preparation, and access to the systems required for implementation tasks.
  • Explore - Fit-to-Standard Analysis workshops are conducted between partner consultant experts in each line of business area and customer experts in each line of business area to review the predefined business processes in the SAP S/4HANA Cloud system, identify configuration values, and gather customization requirements.
  • Realize - Partner consultants implement and configure business processes based on the information gathered in the Fit-to-Standard workshops. User acceptance testing must be completed before business processes are finalized.
  • Deploy - Partner consultants conduct system cutover activities and the customer confirms organizational readiness.
  • Run - The customer maintains the system through future release upgrades and uses the operations apps in SAP Cloud ALM to monitor integration and overall system health.

SAP Roadmap Viewer can be accessed through the direct link or through your SAP for Me accountServices and Support dashboardALM tabRoadmap Viewer app.


SAP Cloud ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) is included in the SAP Enterprise Support for Cloud Editions, which is the base support package for all customers purchasing an SAP Cloud solution. Applications within SAP Cloud ALM are grouped into three sections: Implementation, Operations, and Service.

While the SAP Activate Methodology defines the tasks that need to be completed to implement a solution, the implementation apps within SAP Cloud ALM make those tasks actionable. A project manager can assign tasks to members of the project team, and project team members track their notes and mark each task as complete when finished.

The customer's IT team can use the operations apps within SAP Cloud ALM for full-stack monitoring and alerting related to business processes, integrations, users, applications, and the healthiness of their entire landscape of cloud and on premise services and systems.

The service apps within SAP Cloud ALM provide a direct connection between the customer and SAP support services, where customers can centrally access all information for past, present, and future services.

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