Configuring a Console Site


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Once familiar with the Console, learners will determine where to locate CIAM settings and customer account information.

Configuring a Console Site

SAP Customer Data Cloud Console

The SAP Customer Data Cloud Console is the main administrative web interface where you can create and configure your sites. Each site holds your CIAM settings and customer account information.

In the Console, you’ll find a suite of administrative tools for: Apps and Permissions settings, Log and Consent vaults, as well as Analytics and Data transfer.

To start, we’ll focus on what you need to know to start using SAP Customer Data Cloud.

In the following demo, we’ll create a site. A site is a database holding two different types of information: CIAM configurations and customer accounts. Then we’ll look at the fundamental CIAM functionalities of SAP Customer Data Cloud.

SAP Customer Data Cloud has smart defaults for most of its configurations. Therefore, you usually don't have to change them unless you need to implement a specific CIAM functionality, adapting the default settings to your scenario.

Navigating the Customer Data Cloud Console

Watch this demo to learn how to effectively navigate the console and adjust as necessary.

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