Perform a Full Registration


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Perform a full registration and use Identity Access to view registered full accounts.

Perform a Full Registration

Full Registration

Full Registration, or Site Registration, is when the customer registers themself using an SAP Customer Data Cloud site by providing verifiable identity information, enabling further identification and login sessions for that customer. There are several credentials that can be used, such as username and password, password less phone number, or push authentication.

A Lite Account can be migrated into a Full Account if the correct Progressive Profiling settings are in place. A password is then created for the password less Lite Account, and the customer account is automatically converted to a Full Account.

Setting Up a Full Registration

Watch this demo to learn how to review the processes required to complete a Full Registration in SAP Customer Data Cloud.

Viewing a Full Registration with Identity Access

Watch this demo to learn how to search for a newly registered Full Account in SAP Customer Data Cloud.

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