Modules Overview


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  • Describe SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain modules

Modules Overview

SAP IBP is a world class cloud-solution based on SAP HANA technology. The figure shows the different modules within the SAP IBP Landscape and the processes they support. The individual functionalities come together to support the Sales and Operations Planning processes. The top most layer is the visualization layer to get a high-level view of the health and status of the Supply Chain of an organization.

SAP IBP Modules' Functionality

SAP IBP's Modules cover the core Supply Chain Planning functionality in one integrated platform.

Let’s invest some time to carefully read through the highlights of each SAP IBP module and how it contributes to the Sales and Operations Planning process.

SAP IBP is a modern and flexible planning tool to enable businesses to cope with market volatility and complexity.

SAP IBP is a completely scalable solution with a unified data model. It offers simplified data integration to and from SAP IBP with an easy implemented concept via Microsoft Excel and the Web-based user interfaces. It offers easy collaboration within and between internal groups such as those created by Demand and Supply Planners, Finance team members, and Sales relevant employees. It provides what-if scenario capabilities and real-time Analytics to show the status of the key performance indicators of a Supply Chain at any given time.

SAP IBP Architecture

SAP IBP is a cloud-based solution running on SAP HANA. A user can access this solution via Excel, Web, and Mobile.

Harmonized Data Model

One harmonized data model facilitates your organization's planning.

All Time Series modules are run on the same data model with no need for data transformations. This is a key enabler for more frequent and integrated Planning cycles on all levels and across all areas.

A harmonized data model requires an unified user experience. Therefore, SAP IBP has user interfaces as Web-based and Excel-based. In addition, SAP IBP Solution can be accessed via Mobile. These user interfaces constitutes an intuitive and an unified user experience for all users, including collaboration capabilities.

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