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It’s time to put what you’ve learned to the test, get 8 questions right to pass this unit.

You have used the SAP Analytics Cloud Add-In for Microsoft Excel for a business intelligence data analysis. Your colleague says that you can also use the SAP Analytics Cloud Add-In for Microsoft Excel for planning scenarios. Is the statement of your colleague true or false?
Choose the correct answer.
You have created a story bookmark. Your colleague asked you to share this bookmark. Can you?
Choose the correct answer.
You want to create a story with charts and need a data source to populate your charts with data. Which option can be used as a data source?
There are two correct answers.
You need to export some data from your story into a .csv file. What do you do?
Choose the correct answer.
SAP encourages you to use the Classic Design Experience.
Choose the correct answer.
You created a story and want to share it with an external agent, who does not have SAP Analytics Cloud. You decide to export the story as a file. Which file type can be used?
Choose the correct answer.
For a story element, what is similar to a context menu?
Choose the correct answer.
What are the working modes of a story?
There are three correct answers.
Your users want a static view of data with no user interactions at all. You can use scripting to accomplish this.
Choose the correct answer.
What scripting language is used in the advanced story interface?
Choose the correct answer.

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