Transforming Business Applications and Platform with Generative AI


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  • Explain the role of SAP Business AI in advancing business intelligence and processes.

Ensuring AI is Relevant

Relevant AI - Transforming Business Applications and Platforms with Generative AI

SAP Business AI is relevant from day one since it is built in across all SAP applications that customers already use to run their most critical business processes. With SAP Business AI, users are empowered to interact with SAP software in the most natural way possible through Joule - SAP's copilot available across SAP applications. Hundreds of millions of users will be more efficient and more productive through simply describing their ideas, asking analytical questions, or telling the system what to do rather than clicking through transactions or coding applications. SAP systems will understand what users mean, not just what they say. SAP Business AI enhances the capabilities of SAP applications enabling them to learn and improve business outcomes. This leads to significant improvements in key business processes like recruit to retire, source to pay, design to operate, and lead to cash, which gives customers access to more intelligent and automated solutions.

AI will impact organizations everywhere. For example, in finance, supply chain, customer experience, procurement, human resources, IT, and cross-functional areas.

Some AI Scenarios: Our Customer Benefits

FinanceSupply ChainCustomer Experience
  • Tax Compliance
  • Cash Application
  • Intelligent accrual
  • Travel expense auditing
  • Travel expense verification
  • Invoice processing
  • Business Integrity screening
  • Goods and invoice receipt matching
  • Mobile expense entry
  • Stock in transit
  • Visual Inspection
  • Demand forecasting & sensing
  • Project-cost prediction
  • Predicted delivery processing
  • Demand-driven replenishment
  • Forward scheduling
  • Field service scheduling
  • Asset prediction and optimization
  • Slow-moving materials prediction
  • Delivery note processing
  • Predicted delivery processing
  • Discount recommendations
  • Intelligent sales execution
  • Relationship intelligence
  • Sales route optimization
  • Sales order automation
  • Opportunity scoring
  • Customer insights
  • Guided selling
  • Lead scoring
  • Product description generation
  • Content generation
  • Product recommendations
  • Ticket generation
ProcurementHuman ResourcesIT and Cross-Function
  • Guided buying
  • Sourcing item and supply prediction
  • Material group recommendations
  • Invoice object recommendations
  • Job matching for contingent workforce
  • Resume ranking for contingent workforce
  • O’Net labeling
  • Category management
  • Skill and career path recommendations
  • Learning recommendations
  • Job analyzer
  • Job description generation
  • Interview question generation
  • Joule - AI copilot
  • Document processing
  • Generative AI Hub
  • Analytics Just Ask
  • Process automation
  • Business rule mining
  • Intrusion detection
  • Code generation

Benefits of Business AI

Before discussing the benefits of Business AI within SAP's individual product areas, let's look at some general benefits:

  • AI is already a central, integrated capability of our enterprise applications and business technology, used by tens of thousands of our cloud customers.
  • Every embedded AI scenario has gone through SAP's rigorous AI ethics process.
  • AI-powered capabilities based on proprietary, deep learning and machine learning algorithms drive business value in SAP's cloud solutions. These capabilities include matching, intelligent business document processing, personalized recommendations, natural language processing, forecasting and predictions, and more.
  • Generative AI provides completely new capabilities in business software, such as creating new content, summarizing complex information, writing computer code, and more.
  • This is a new generation of AI that can reason through business problems and make suggestions that were previously unthinkable.
  • Customers can expect generative AI use cases that bring tangible value across the SAP portfolio.

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