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After completing this lesson, you will be able to Describe the role of a BW Query.

BW Query

Scenario Overview

In the next step of the data flow we define a BW Query on top of the CompositeProvider.

BW Query: terminology and use cases

A BW Query defines precisely which data is available from the CompositeProvider to BI (Business Intelligence) or Planning tools. A BW Query is the final layer in the data flow and is consumed by the business analyst using the tool of their choice, either cloud or on-premise, SAP or non-SAP.

You define a BW Query in order to generate a result set from SAP BW/4HANA. In the definition of a BW Query you can choose which data should be available from the InfoProvider by selecting the InfoObjects and optionally applying filters to them. You also define the initial layout of the report (rows, columns, totals). You can also define additional calculations.

BW Query: system settings

In our scenario we have chosen the following:

  • Only data of Calendar Year 2020 is selected

  • Products are displayed using a hierarchy

  • Description of products are shown

  • Product ABC Category and Gross Weight of products are displayed with each product

  • A calculation Tax Rate has been added

  • A calculation Number of Business Partners has been added

You can watch the following demo to explore the BW Query:

Explore BW Query

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